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We Are Winning Culture War 2.0

I consume a lot of left-wing news sources. It’s almost unavoidable when you’re on Twitter given that the platform mostly consists of leftists, is run by leftists, and its algorithms actively promote leftist ideas. It can seem at times that the ridiculous nonsense spewed from the left is overwhelming.

Combine that with a corporate media apparatus that highlights this messaging and that still has the ability to move the needle on public opinion (although that thankfully is fading with each passing year) and it can seem like we’re the minority and they’re winning.

But over the past 2 months I’ve gone from “I think we’ll win” to “We are flat out winning”.

The new leftist hoard has always been a small subsection of the country with an outsize and amplified voice thanks to their control of Hollywood, big tech, corporate media, and academia. America is a big country filled with 330 million people and the majority are good people that just want to work hard, raise their kids, and enjoy a good life with family and friends.

"The Right" might have lost the first Culture War, but recent events have convinced me that the woke left is going to be facing some very stiff resistance from the American majority in the ongoing Second Great Culture War.

Here are seven of our most recent victories:

1. Jussie Smollett found guilty.

We have had a streak of bad news for the lefties and great news for the normies. The Elites think normal Americans are stupid and Jussie had drank enough of the leftist kool-aid that he really believed he could fake a hate crime and there would be no repercussions to pay. He most likely believed it would benefit him.

He was almost right. The original prosecutor dropped the case.

But now - with the jury finding him guilty on 5 of 6 counts, ol’ Juicy is facing the real possibility of jail time. And thankfully, I have a feeling we will never see him in any major show ever again. His career should be toast now.

2. Kyle Rittenhouse found innocent.

Yes, another court case but when this trial began I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. Juries are funny animals and it can come down to how effective the prosecutor or the defense attorney was during the trail. When Gaige Grosskreutz admitted on the stand that he didn’t get shot until he pointed his gun at Rittenhouse it was pretty much over in my mind but the jury deliberated for a long time which I didn’t think would bode well. Then, a verdict of innocent on all charges.

Seeing the outrage and pain this caused to the leftists on Twitter made my black heart happy.

3. Santa Inc. gets reamed online.

If you haven’t heard about this new HBO Max show - just consider yourself lucky. I haven’t watched it but it features Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman, two comedians who haven’t been funny or even culturally relevant in over a decade pushing “THE MESSAGE” with gusto. The reaction to it has been brutal.

Check out the dislike on YouTube to the likes... that’s one hell of a ratio. 184,000 dislike to 4,300 likes?

Here’s the IMBD rating. 1.1.

Oof - I heard this might have got a second season. Guess HBO Max likes losing money. Well, stick with whatever works for you is what I say.

4. Virginia goes red. New Jersey almost does.

The recent elections should have convinced Democrats that their Faustian bargain with the far left is not worth the electoral drubbings they will continue to endure as long as they embrace them and their philosophy but honestly - I think Democrats are desperate and I don’t think they’ll back away from this strategy.

There are zero Democrat stars coming up in the ranks. They’re rehashing and re-running Beto and Abrams next year.

Pictured: Abrams and Beto - not sure which is which.

The VP has a 28% approval and POTUS is only slightly above that. Rather than dying and being born again I would expect to see a desperate last gasp for survival that will almost certainly crush the party.

5. Vaccine mandates are being destroyed.

For the record, I’m vaccinated.

I wanted to travel again and I went to Croatia and Slovenia in November. My family is not vaccinated. It was my choice to get the jab and I don’t care about covid enough to get a booster. I partied with my family in PCB in September and some members got sick. I didn’t.

Then we did Thanksgiving and those that didn’t get sick the first time were ill. I didn’t get it. The vaccine works - but it should be your choice and I definitely am against mandating an experimental vaccine on anyone.

All that being said - The Senate voted Wednesday to reverse the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine-or-test mandate with two Dems defecting to the Republican side. The 6th circuit has essentially stopped any mandate in its tracks. Most Americans know COVID has a 98.8% survival rating.

My 78 year old father survived it.

Pictured: my 78 year old dad.

No one wears a mask here in Kentucky. Life has moved on from COVID for most people and one man (Joe Biden) thinking he can enforce people to get an experimental vaccine isn’t the winning position he thought it would be.

6. Liberals have begun lecturing leftists.

I’ve never considered Ruy Teixeira to be very smart. He co-authored an idiotic paper with Peter Leyden titled “California Is the Future of American Politics” back in 2017 that was pretty stunning to read.

They thought Trump was the last gasp of the Republican party rather than seeing it was a rebirth of the party and a complete repudiation of the Bill Kristols and David Brooks and George W. Bushes of the world and the old way the party worked.

In a recent piece, ol’ Ruy has to remind his side of these commonly known facts, and frankly - that’s absolutely hilarious. Here are some of the things he feels to point out to his side -

- “Equality of opportunity is a fundamental American principle; equality of outcome is not.”

- “America is not perfect but it is good to be patriotic and proud of the country.”

- “Discrimination and racism are bad but they are not the cause of all disparities in American society.”

- “calling all white people racists... is not right or fair.”

- “crime is a real problem... better policing is needed for public safety.”

- “There are underlying differences between men and women”

- “There are basically two genders”

- “standards of high achievement should be maintained for people of all races.”

- “Language policing has gone too far”

Haha! There are only two genders? Man - that is some mind-bending shit!

It gets worse, though!

In this brilliant video from the New York Times - they actually look at what areas with years of Democratic dominance have yielded over the years in terms of quality of life results.

I’ll shock you by telling you the video basically boils down to - “It ain’t good”. Yeah, we know, New York Times.

I used to live in NYC and each time I go back I’m a little more sad when I see places I used to visit everyday are falling further into the bad old days of the 70’s and 80’s NYC.

7. Some former liberals have just accepted they’re part of "The Right" now.

This is something that started a few years ago when the left was really starting to lose its mind but it has only accelerated recently. The right is the big tent now, populated with former liberals, centrists, and conservatives that all share a love of country, a belief in free speech, and concern for the working class.

It’s why we can consume content on the spectrum from Jimmy Dore to Tucker Carlson to Glenn Greenwald.

Still can't believe they made this trade!

We don’t always agree on everything but our core values align. Tax policy or health care is always up for debate but there are fundamental ideas that ground us as Americans - and on that we all agree.

It really started with the Walk Away movement but it has accelerated recently. Almost everyday, I read some new piece on Substack or one of the new independent outlets with a former liberal realizing they have no affiliation with the left anymore. The most recent piece was this great gem by Liel Leibovitz titled “The Turn”. Seriously, read it. Here’s a small taste -

“When “the left” becomes the party of wealthy elites and state security agencies who preach racial division, state censorship, contempt for ordinary citizens and for the US. Constitution, and telling people what to do and think at every turn, then that’s the side you are on, if you are “on the left”—those are the policies and beliefs you stand for and have to defend. It doesn’t matter what good people “on the left” believed and did 60 or 70 years ago. Those people are dead now, mostly. They don’t define “the left” anymore than Abraham Lincoln defines the modern-day Republican Party or Jimi Hendrix defines Nickelback.”

I’ve taken great care to start differentiating between “The Left” and “Liberals” because they aren’t the same thing anymore. The truth is the core tenants of liberalism is more aligned with the right in general than it is with the left anymore. The Founding Fathers were classic liberals. The right has embraced that. As the left becomes more militant, the country is waking up to these ideas.

We’ve had it easy in this country for years and we’ve allowed some loathsome people to get a toehold on our society. Expect the backlash to leftists to not only continue but also become more fierce.

Happy holidays, everyone.


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