• Nero

Welcome Senator Q

Jo Rae Perkins the GOP nominee for the Senate seat in Oregon tweeted out this message to Q last night

Now there have been many important Q's in our culture from Q Branch

The Q Continuum

and of course The Midnight Q

Qanon is, for those still blind to the truth that the lizard people hide from you, always looking to expose the truth about the most important issues of the day such as pizza gate

Who killed Jeffery Epstein and why they did

Bill Gates and his "vaccine"

And of course Hillary Clinton and the lizard people

The GOP hasn't seen a Senate candidate with this kind of courage and desire to seek the truth since Christine O'Donnell in 2010 and there were many on the Internet happy to see this kind of courage return to professional politics.

Our own AsTheWorldBurnz posted this gif using the acronym for Galvanizing Real Intense Fucking Truth

And the Cocaine Bear is glad to see that the world is finally waking up, especially since he never sleeps due to all the cocaine

Now there are some who are too terrified to see the world for what it really is and they are concerned that running a Senate candidate in Oregon this willing to speak the truth may hurt the GOP's chances in November. Those people clearly do not understand how awake Oregon already is. If the land of Ammon Bundy

and Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe

isn't ready for a Q friendly senator than all hope is lost.

I for one am positive the great state of Oregon will do the right thing and sent Ms. Perkins to the Senate but we won't stop there. No this is only the beginning because after Q comes Y