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WATCH: Twitter Labels Trump Meme as "Manipulated Media"; Thinks You Are Stupid

I think no matter who we are, we can agree that manipulating narratives through falsified media is bad. We wouldn’t want to do things like withhold bodycam footage in police investigations, include witnesses which are clearly biased, present skewed polling focused on certain population groups are representative of the population whole, or include things that aren’t true but aren’t necessarily able to be identified as satire. Those would definitely be bad things.

Twitter is supposed to be a platform. They’re not supposed to comment on anything really. The Timid Class would, of course, scream endlessly in their cuckoldry about how Twitter is a private enterprise and can do whatever they want, like some insufferable neocon teenager who ruins every government or economics class with their dumb, pointless views while completely missing obvious, tangible things in their overly generalized tantrum. That neocon teenager has a girlfriend, and she is definitely cheating on him with someone way cooler.

Because Twitter is supposed to be a platform, it is very confusing that it has decided to enter into competition with Snopes, America’s foremost leader in pointing out things that are obviously satire or parody as being, in fact, satire or parody. Snopes is the kid who thinks they’re being very smart by writing a response about how the 2nd amendment is the most important amendment because it is the one that protects the others. What they are actually pointing out is something mind numbingly obvious. They are pedantic on a 9th-level-of-the-galaxy-brain-meme scale.

Snopes is the leader in this brand of assclownery because they’ve been doing it forever. Snopes regularly fact checks the Babylon Bee, a site which literally advertises its satirical nature in its subtitle. These insufferable Ackshually Screamers then run to their devices as fast as their segways can propel them, eager to share with the world that they are, in fact, capable of ruining yet another joke.

Not to be outdone, and always looking for additional shares of markets, Twitter got in on the fun by marking a video posted by President Trump as “Manipulated Media” which I have included below.

Perhaps Twitter agrees with me that CNN is so unserious a news organization--they employ S.E. Cupp for example--that people might be legitimately mistaken into believing this was the actual video and story broadcast on their network. This would still make Twitter a stupid and pedantic group of twitwits, but at least it would be understandable.

It doesn’t change the fact that what they have done is grossly dishonest. Yes, the media is manipulated. CNN would, of course, be experts in manipulated media, since they’ve been staging protests for years. Remember these?

For those who can’t click the link, CNN got caught red-handed quite literally staging protests in London to make it appear as if there was some kind of widespread xenophobic sentiment in the UK. There wasn’t. That, of course, wasn’t going to stop CNN, an organization who employs Brian “I <3 Fox News” Stelter to clean up every time the network refuses to let facts get in the way of a dramatic story. Note that I didn’t say good story. CNN’s stories are never good.

What makes Twitter so awful here is that their standard is grossly broad and not evenly applied. (Mr. President if you happen to see this, I’d love an appointment to a federal court. I have at least as much experience as Sonia Sotomayor.)

“Manipulated Media” can be literally anything. It’s literally every meme. Did you photoshop the red out of your eyes from an old picture? I’ve got news for you, Bud, that’s technically manipulated.

What helps put Twitter’s grotesqueness over the top here is that they’re going out of their way to apply obviously pejorative labels to something that clearly doesn’t need a warning label.

I have zero respect for CNN. Don Lemon is dishonestly rotten to his core. Amanda Carpenter is the Queen of Grifters. Stelter blocked me when I asked how many pounds ago his profile picture was. They covered the tragic, but ultimately mundane, crash of Malaysian Flight 370 for months rather than address the complete selling out of America by the Obama LOLministration.

But this video by Trump is clearly satirical. It’s a joke. It’s not something to be taken seriously.

Yet here we are, forced to wallow in the fetid, yellow aftermath of yet another CNN bedwetting due to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If Twitter wishes to label things as manipulated, fine. Do so. But be serious about it. Choose to approach it as one would approach a serious, long term goal. And remember that you are a platform. Tread lightly, Twitter. You may think you are safely aligned with the Left, but they eat their own with remarkable efficiency.


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