Following with my pattern of recapping each night of both conventions, I watched the RNC Finale and recapped it does you!

You can read my thoughts on RNC Night one here, night two here and night three, here; as well DNC nights one - two - three and four there, there, there and there.

Like I've done every night, I'm going to run through five notable moments from the evening (certainly not the only five, but the five that struck me most):

1. Ann Dorn dismantled the "peaceful protest" and NBA "boycott" narrative in a little over 5 minutes.

Before last night, did you know the name David Dorn? Mr. Dorn was a retired St. Louis police captain who later became a small-town police chief and who was killed trying to stop looting during the "peaceful protests" that erupted after the death of George Floyd. His murder was captured during a Facebook livestream of the looting.

David Dorn died trying to do the right thing, he died as he lived - trying to maintain law and order.

I knew the name David Dorn because I follow this stuff closely, but I'm not sure how many Americans were introduced to his story for the first time last night - as his widow, Ann Dorn, delivered a POWERFUL speech last night at the RNC. I strongly encourage everyone to watch the entire thing:

Here is an excerpt that I found particularly poignant:

I relive that horror in my mind every single day. My hope is that having you relive it with me now will help shake this country from this nightmare we’re witnessing in our cities, and bring about positive, peaceful change.
How did we get to this point, when so many young people are callous and indifferent towards human life? This isn’t a videogame, where you can commit mayhem and then just hit reset and bring all the characters back to life….Violence and destruction are not legitimate forms of protest. They do not safeguard black lives: they only destroy them.

I hope everyone at CNN, MSNBC, and all of the other mainstream media outlets took this message to heart (they wont, in fact many of them spent more airtime highlighting that David Dorn's daughters didn't approve of Ann Dorn's speaking at the RNC than Ann Dorn's speech itself). Glorifying rioting as "righteous expressions of grief" has only emboldened the "peaceful protestors". When you have government officials refusing to prosecute these crimes and a media cheering them on, its no wonder they haven't stopped.

This should have also served as a wake up call to the NBA, MLB, and the NHL - all of which boycotted or postponed play in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake; who had a warrant out for his arrest for the sexual assault of a minor, whose girlfriend had called the police because he had been at her house in violation of a restraining order, who refused to leave, who told police he had a knife in his possession, resisted arrest, fought police and then reached inside of his car before being shot. I say this NOT in defense of the shooting, which remains debatable in my opinion, but in response to the fact that nobody boycotted in response to David Dorn. I didn't see LeBron send out an ALL CAPS TWEET about how DAVID DORN DIDN"T DESERVE TO DIE! or THIS FUCKING LOOTING MUST STOP.

When our society loses its mind over Jacob Blake, but David Dorn struggles to makes headlines - we have to start asking ourselves "why?". My response is that Jacob Blake helps push a narrative and David Dorn is an inconvenient Truth.

RIP, David. We speak your name.

2. Carl and Marsha Mueller's grief over their daughter Cayla was painful to watch.

Kayla Mueller was an American humanitarian worker that was kidnapped, raped and killed by ISIS militants. In 2013, while in Syria volunteering with Doctors without Borders, Ms. Mueller's car was ambushed and Mueller was abducted by ISIS. It was reported by the New York Times that Kayla had been forced into marrying Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who reportedly raped her several times. It's unclear when and how she died, but it seems that it occured sometime in February 2015.

If you remember, President Trump ordered an airstrike that killed al-Baghdadi in October 2019. If you also remember, the Washington Post ran this headline in the wake of his death:

Last night, the Mueller family gave this beautiful and tragic speech in memory of their daughter:

I hope you watched the entire thing, but if you didn't - this excerpt seemed particularly powerful to me:

I still say Kayla should be here, and if Obama had been as decisive as President Trump maybe she would have been . . .
For 18 months she endured, and we endured an agonizing back-and-forth between us, the Obama administration and ISIS. We put all our faith in the government, but the government let us down. President Obama refused to meet with us until ISIS had already beheaded other Americans.
To this day, we’ve never heard from Joe Biden.

RIP, Ms. Mueller. We speak your name.

3. Ivanka. That's it. That's the Headline.

I don't know how quite to recover from the previous two items. They were so powerful, so moving, so heartbreaking.

The show did go on, though and it was pretty magnificent. Before the Donald took the stage, we heard from his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump and she looked. . . well, just see for yourself:

I think I kind of captured my feelings last night in this tweet:

The speech itself was about what you'd expect from the daughter of the President, she talked about how she loved her dad, his accomplishments and shared a few stories about the Donald Trump the public doesn't get a chance to see:

Ivanka Trump is basically the woman that all father's hope their daughters grow up to be. She's, at least on the surface, beautiful, intelligent, incredibly well-spoken, a caring mother, loves her country and loves her family.

She's almost too perfect. Like, it would be nice to hear a story about how Ivanka farted one time and it smelled so bad that the entire house had to be aired out. Who am I kidding, her farts probably smell like fresh baked cookies.


After Ivanka finished her speech, her dad took the stage and delivered his speech and I am going to get to him last. Before I do, I have to give the GOP a TON of credit.

The RNC was better than the DNC in every conceivable way. The RNC had speeches from real Americans telling real stories for what the viewer could relate. The DNC was filled with celebrities trying to talk down to the viewer. The RNC had live speeches, from a beautiful auditorium in D.C., the DNC was mostly zoom style speeches from people's basements. The DNC had some weird quasi-horror show from Billy Porter, the RNC had a motherfucking opera singer. The DNC had fireworks on par with your local community 4th of July celebration, the RNC had, well, a Donald Trump style fireworks display. Basically, as I mentioned in my final recap of the DNC, the RNC had the opportunity to observe the DNC the week before and needed to improve upon their production. They did and they delivered the most entertaining convention I've ever seen.

Lets do a quick comparison:

The DNC had this creepy witch named Billie Eilish talking to people from a haunted forest, while the RNC had a lobster fisherman talking about how the Obama administration was basically fucking up his business and life:

The DNC had Michelle Obama speaking from your workplace cafeteria, while the RNC had Dan Crenshaw deliver his speech from a fucking battleship.

The DNC had Dr. Jill Biden speak from a classroom, while Melania Trump spoke from the Rose Garden:

To be fair, the RNC had some built in advantages, namely - the White House, time to see what worked and didn't work from the DNC, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump's keen sense of putting on an EXCELLENT television production. Say what you want about Donald Trump, but the man knows what will sell.

All that being said, I am so proud of the convention that the GOP put on. It was so competent, so well thought out and the finale was really put it over the top. I can honestly say that I was FLOORED last night by the production. Let's take a look:

This opera singer, man. I didn't see that coming. Not at all and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL to watch on television. Listening to this absolute savage belt out Ave Maria and Hallelujah from the balcony of the White House was just STUNNING:


Then there was the fireworks show, and buddy,,,,,, let me tell you, this was a fireworks show:

Hold up, let me see that again . . . did this mofo just spell out Trump 2020 in fireworks above the Washington Monument?

He did. The mad man did it.

Here is a comparison of the two firework displays:

In summation, the GOP should so damn proud of itself for the convention it just put on. Basically, the RNC just beat the DNC at their own game - putting on a Hollywood production without the help of Hollywood elites.

Bravo, GOP. Bravo.

5. The Donald Delivered.

Here is what I asked from Donald Trump yesterday during my recap:

HE MUST DELIVER. Trump has to try and maintain the positive tone of this convention - rather than lamenting the fake news, impeachment, and SpyGate - all of which are valid grievances, but not what America is focused on right now. Trump has to hammer his law and order messaging, which seems to be working as the Democrats have abdicated that lane to him entirely. Trump has to present himself as the only man who can lead our economy back to the heights of record unemployment - which, according to polls, most voters trust him on already.
More than anything Trump HAS to be Presidential. That doesn't mean he cannot be Donald Trump, but he has to be the best of Donald Trump - be funny, but don't get stuck in the mud and DON'T give Biden (and his media propaganda machine) any off the cuff remarks to use as a cudgel against him.
Trump has done this before, he can do this again.

Well, I asked Donald Trump to deliver and Donald Trump delivered. I was actually pretty amazed at how well the President stayed on message. There were a few detours into "spying" and "fake news", but the speech was a very solid statement on why he should be President of the United States for four more years.

In contrast to Joe Biden's speech that lasted for just over 24 minutes, Trump spoke for over 70. The distinction between Trump's energy and ambition and Biden's choice to remain in his basement were made clear for the country to observe. It might have been the best speech of Trump's presidency, lets take a look at some of the highlights:

Yep, American exceptionalism is something we all need to hear.

Yep, China is Asshoe.

Hey, I asked him to hammer the law and order messaging! Promises made, promises delivered!

Hey, I asked him to highlight his strength - the economy and how he's the guy to rebuild it with his policies! Promises made, promises delivered!

Hey, I asked him to be Presidential, but still be Donald Trump and this is pretty on brand without being insanely offensive! Promises made, promises delivered!

So basically, I got ZERO beef with what Donald said last night. He was great. The RNC is great and I think if undecided voters watched both conventions, a lot of them are going to lean right after the powerful, beautiful, heartbreaking and inspiring speeches during the RNC. It was just a better product.

The Democrats and the main stream media cannot expect to win by keeping Joe Biden locked away in a broom closet. They tried to drag Hillary across the finish line and that failed, obviously. The country is in turmoil and Biden has only recently and sheepishly started to denounce the violence we're seeing in cities all over the country.

I also think Donald Trump and the GOP made their case. This was the best of the party. There are 67 days left til the election and Donald Trump needs to STAY ON MESSAGE! He needs to stop being his own worst enemy. He needs to go into the debates with Joe Biden PREPARED and he needs to WALLOP Biden into oblivion. I think if he does these things, Donald Trump is going to be President for the next four years and I think Mitch McConnell is going to maintain his Senate Leadership. There is no reason why Donald Trump should lose this election, the Democrats have done nothing to deserve victory.

That's it from RNC 2020.

Enjoy your weekend. God Bless America.


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