WATCH: Psaki Says PSAs with NASCAR, Others to be Used in "White Conservative" Outreach Efforts

Have you ever been given a present by someone, opened it up and been completely confused by why they gave it to you? For me the feeling is always something similar to "that's what you think of me and THAT's what you think I'd like? "

I feel like those moments are usually pretty telling about either a) how little a person knows about you; or b) how little a person cares to try and get to know you (or both).

Well, I think we got a little insight into what the Biden Administration thinks about White Conservatives today in comments made by White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki:

Hmmm . . . I don't REALLY like any of those things, to be honest. I didn't even know Deadliest Catch was still on the air (apparently, it is and the seventeenth season debuted last month).

This isn't to say that there aren't a lot of White Conservatives that ARE into NASCAR, the Deadliest Catch and Country Music TV, in fact - I'm sure many of you are probably a fan of one those three. If you do, that's good - there is nothing wrong with any of these things.

But lets be honest here (without getting into specifics) , imagine if Psaki stereotyped other communities the same way she just profiled "white conservatives". Yeah, you can see what I'm getting at here.

Make no mistake, this is much ado about nothing - I'm not calling for your outrage here, but I do think it's a window into the psyche of the Progressive Left (i.e., the people running the White House).

To me, at least, this type of rhetoric Biden Administration has such a tunnel vision view of what constitutes the "Conservative Community" these days. They really think we're all just a bunch of rednecks who watch NASCAR and listen to old Hank Williams LPs. It reeks of a total lack of initiative and/or interest to try and learn more about what "white conservative communities" are all about.

It also exemplifies how much the parties have shifted over the years. The Left now accepts that their a party of coastal elites and THIS is what they think remains of the Right. She didn't say "local church groups" or "youth sports leagues" or "the boy scouts or girl scouts" or anything else that might reach "white conservative communities" - she picked things that people from New York or San Francisco think that "white conservative communities" enjoy.

Just feels a little telling, don't you think?

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