WATCH: Psaki Says Biden Admin is "flagging problematic posts for Facebook"

"We would like it if social media companies would help us combat misinformation."

"Eh, screw it. We'll monitor speech for them."

Watch this:

It seems highly unlikely that we're talking about a post claiming the vaccine makes your bladder explode (though. . . .could it?).

They're not even trying anymore. What is misinformation? That someone is skeptical of a vaccine that became grossly politicized? That people dare criticize the brown shirt (black bloc) arm of the Democrat party? That boomers be concerned that their retirement plans are about to be vaporized by inflation, or that millennials might be somewhat concerned that they finally dug out of collegiate debt and Obamanomics only to see their chances at stability and prosperity dashed against the rocks of socialism amidst a storm of frenzy?

Forget all that for a moment. The government literally just said they're censoring private individuals' free speech on what are (ostensibly) platforms.

Welcome to Moscow, 1950.

MAGA isn't going to fix this on its own and the establishment wing is too inept to act. Only a complete dismantling of government and its corporate backed enforcement arms (which includes the corporations themselves) will give us a fighting chance.