WATCH: Philadelphia Eagles WR, DeSean Jackson, Apologizes for Quoting What He Thought Was Hitler

So DeSean Jackson has had an interesting 24 hours.

Last night he posted the following images to his Instagram account, which featured - WHAT HE THOUGHT was a quote from ADOLPH HITLER about how white Jews "will blackmail America. [They] will extort America, their plan for world domination won't work if the Negroes know who they were." According to Snopes, this quote was a "hoax quote" and totally fabricated.

Jackson later tried to explain in a subsequent Instagram post that he only meant to emphasize part of the quote, that was mistakenly attributed to ADOLPH HITLER, specifically the part about how Jews will extort America and have a plan for world domination or something.

Today, the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles released separate statements calling what Jackson posted, "highly inappropriate, offensive and divisive and stand in stark contrast to the NFL's values of respect, equality and inclusion" and "offensive, harmful, and absolutely appalling." Here is the Eagles full statement:

So, basically, "we talked to DeSean and told him he was wrong and we're moving on without any further discipline."

Jackson himself has posted THIS apology on his Instagram account:

This is whatever. I will actually subscribe more stupidity to DeSean Jackson here than actual malice (that's giving him the benefit of the doubt). But what the fuck was he reading? That book looked (very poorly edited) TOXIC towards Jews. What else is in that book which appears to be Jerusalem by Dennine Barnett)? What else in that book does DeSean Jackson agree with? Are we going to hear complaints that Amazon continues to allow such a historical hate speech to be sold on their platform (lol)?

I also hate to have to go there, but if we're being honest - let's contrast the last 24 hours for DeSean Jackson with what happened to Drew Brees who had to apologize for saying that he "will never agree with anyone disrespecting the Flag of the United States of America or our country." Drew Brees faced calls from the sports media to RETIRE for this statement and has apologized no less than 4 times for sharing his opinion. I don't think Drew Brees intended to offend anyone on the other side of the issue and yet they tried to cancel him. Why isn't Drew Brees given the same benefit of the doubt as the NFL and media want to give DeSean Jackson? It's because the media likes one narrative and wants to CRUSH the other - (you know, the one that actually doesn't think America is awful and/or irredeemable).

Let's be clear, what DeSean Jackson pushed out to his 1.4 MILLION Instagram followers was not only false history, but it was pure unadulterated HATE towards Jews. The media will push this controversy away because it's inconvenient for them. There will be no follow up by CNN or MSNBC to see what else was in that book and there will be no further questions to the player, team, or league pressing them about what type of literature Jackson was reading or if it was a cultural problem for the league. I think we all know that almost certainly would NOT be the case if Drew Brees had posted something in the same realm of awful as what Jackson did. That's the double standard and that's the problem.

cover image by Matthew Straubmuller