WATCH: Pelsoi Says She Was 'Set-Up' by Salon; is Owed an 'Apology'

Well, just when you didn't think Nanshee Peloshee (sorry for the drunk type, but she deserves it today) couldn't get any worse, she finds a way to outdo herself.

As JAC told you earlier today, the Speaker of the House was caught red faced. . . errrr I mean red-handed getting her hair "blown'-out" in a salon that was closed due to local restrictions imposed because of the Coronavirus.

In footage leaked to Fox News by the Salon owner, Pelosi is seen walking through ESalonSF in San Francisco with wet hair, and without a mask over her mouth or nose. Salons in San Francisco have been closed since March and many, including the owner felt that this was a hypocritical act from the Speaker - especially since she's been so vehemently condescending of people NOT wearing their masks.

Fast forward to today, where Peloshee responded to the controversy in a way that ONLY Democrats can get away with:

"I take responsibility for falling for a setup."

Did I hear Peloshee ask for an. . . apology? Let me double check:

Can you imagine how the media would treat Mitch McConnell if he broke the law, acted like a total hypocrite and then told America that he was owed an apology? Yeah, exactly.

I'm going to let Twitter to the legwork for me the rest of the way, this was a great day for the ol' "Conservatives Pounce":

Whew. . . I mean there were so, so, so, so many more I could've chosen from. To me, what this tone deaf and entitled response represents is that, without an adoring and subservient media, Nancy Pelosi is really, at best, a mediocre politician. She is nothing special, she is not the YAAAASSS Queen that the Left makes her out to be - she's a hack and has disdain for the American people.

Before I go, special shout-out to @comfortablysmug for his birthday today. As most of you know, Flappr does not exist without his inspiration and Mr. Smug is the King of Conservative Twitter. Happy Birthday, big guy:


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