WATCH: Pelosi Thanks George Floyd for "Sacrificing Your Life for Justice"

So the Derek Chauvin trial concluded today and resulted in the former Minneapolis police officer being found guilty on all three charges.

I'm sure you have thoughts on the verdict, everyone does.

Was Derek Chauvin a good cop? Evidence seems to suggest he wasn't.

Is Derek Chauvin a murderer? Well, legally and according to a jury of his peers, the answer is - yes.

Did Derek Chauvin get a fair trial? That's something that the appeals court will likely have to determine, but it's fairly unusual to have members of the federal government, like the President of the United States, for instance, declaring your guilt before a verdict was even determined:

I would hope that any American, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or occupation would be afforded a trial free from outside influences or intimidation. No American should be subjected to trial by media, but that ship sailed many years ago.

This verdict was rendered and this verdict will stand unless overturned by a court of appeals.

To celebrate(?) the occasion, Nancy Pelosi stood in front of a delegation from the Congressional Black Caucus, and um . . . said this:

Ah, yes - thank you for "sacrifice", the kind of messaging that a mid-level manager says to her team after they work extra over the holidays to help her meet her quarterly sales goals.

Seriously, though, what the fuck is she talking about here?

"Thank you for sacrificing your life?" I'm pretty sure that George Floyd didn't really want to be a part of any movement here - let alone give his life so that some old wino from San Francisco can hop on a soap box and highlight her woke credentials.

". . . for being there to call out to your mom?" She's thanking him for being arrested and calling out for his mom? She must have had a couple of extra gin and tonics with lunch or something.

It's always kind of amazing to see what this vodka drenched wretch comes up with in moments like these. It's pretty clear to anyone REALLY watching that Pelosi is as genuine as a 50 doll. . . oh nevermind.

Pray for peace, even if it seems impossible on days like today - when the sister of the Vice President tells you that giving the Left the justice they demanded, wasn't really justice at all:

America and Americans are so much better than the Left wants you to believe. Don't surrender to your own frustration and resentment, don't let them win.

Happy Tuesday and God Bless America.