WATCH: Pelosi Badgers Blitzer

Nancy Pelosi is conditioned to expect a certain type of response from the media - namely, unquestioned obedience. So it is always interesting to watch what happens when someone in legacy media tries to challenge her on her bullshit.

Today, that somebody was the Furby-like Wolf Blitzer from CNN, who had the AUDACITY to challenge Pelosi's decision to turn down President Trump's latest offer on a COVID-19 stimulus package.

Let's watch:

You know the Democrats are playing a particularly toxic brand of partisan politics when Wolf Blitzer is calling them out on live television.

Let's watch one more clip to see how this do-si-do ended:

Did you catch that? Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats literally feed the people who are going hungry right now.

It's amazing to me that Pelosi is so astonished that anyone would question her decision to deny relief to the millions of Americans still suffering from the effects of the lockdowns and/or the virus. It's almost like Pelosi, an exorbitantly wealthy octogenarian from San Francisco, might not understand that people who are NOT exorbitantly wealthy might actually need money to survive. Maybe Pelosi does understand and just doesn't care because there is an election in three weeks and she's not going to give the President or Republicans a legislative victory; unless, perhaps, she can also secure bailouts for blue states that can't curb their own spending.

It doesn't appear Trump or McConnell seem willing to cave on the latter (nor should they), so it looks like Nancy is happy to let us all suffer to further her political goals. Nothing really new here, except a journo willing to call her on her bullshit for a change. THAT is definitely a breath of fresh air. Kudos to you, Wolf Blitzer.

Told you he looked like a Furby.

Also, big props to Curtis Houck from who watched CNN today so I didn't have to actually watch CNN myself. They do amazing work and are an inspiration for us at Flappr!