WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says Police Reform Bill Worthy of George Kirby's Name

Nancy Pelosi has had quite a week.

First she and her loathsome toady, Chuck Schumer, helped orchestrate the blocking of any DEBATE on the "JUSTICE ACT," a police reform bill drafted by Republican Senator Tim Scott. What was so wrong with the bill that the Senate couldn't even debate the bill? Well, nothing, really - just it was drafted by an African American Republican from South Carolina and the Democrats wouldn't allow the Republicans to have any legislative win.

During that process, Pelosi said that the JUSTICE ACT was Republicans "trying to get away with murder, actually -- the murder of George Floyd." Yeah, you read that right - Republicans murdered George Floyd. When asked to apologize for her statements, Pelosi said this:

Fast forward to today, when Pelosi was discussing the House passing their own version of a police reform bill and Pelosi said this:

George. . . Kirby? Who is George Kirby? Well he was an African American comedian that passed away in 1995 from. . . Parkinson's disease. So I don't know that doing this legislation in HIS name really makes a whole lot of sense, but whatever. Go off, queen.

George Kirby, in heaven - laughing at Nancy Pelosi.


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