WATCH: Minneapolis "Protestors" Demand Mayor Jacob Frey Defund the Police, Tell Him to Fuck Off

The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, is a complete failure. He is a Democrat Mayor, in a Democrat state, with a Democrat Police Chief and Democrat Attorney General and he (and they) run a government that employed Derek Chauvin, the police officer that killed George Floyd. That is only step one in is no, good, very bad week of insanely bad decisions and cringeworthy performances.

Last Wednesday night, we watched as Target was looted by "protestors" who were "grieving" by stealing TVs. That night, Frey's Police Chief warned him that calling in the national guard was necessary because they wouldn't be able to handle the "protestors" with the staff on hand. Apparently, Frey refused or didn't act quickly enough to get them in place.

The following night, Frey ordered officers in the third precinct (where Derek Chauvin was stationed) to evacuate the station, rather than defend public order, he chose to allow the "protesters" to blow off a steam. The "protesters" proceeded to burn the police station (along with 170+ other businesses) to the ground (oops!):

As Minneapolis burned last Thursday, the Governor and its Mayor were silent until early Friday morning, when Frey gave an insanely flustered and pathetic press conference:


Frey then spent the better part of this week trying to defend his limp-wristed response (which likely helped exacerbate looting in other cities once the "protesters" saw what they could get away with) and also BAWLING at the funeral for George Floyd on Thursday:

Me thinks the lady DOTH protests too much.

Fast forward to today, when protests rang out again and Jacob Frey attempted to "have the difficult conversation" that EVERYONE on the left says is so necessary (translation "listen to what we say and if you don't follow our demands exactly, we're gonna DESTROY you!). Well, let's just say, 'ol Jacob wasn't ready for what was comin' his way this afternoon:

BHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hear that? Defund the Police or GET FUCKED. BHAHAHAHA. Oh Jacob, why did you ever think peace was an option!?

Maybe it got better for him, lets check:

BHAHAHAHAHAHA. They fucking Cersei Lannistered him in real life!!! Why? Because he wouldn't promise to disband the police. BHAAHAHAHAHA.

Ok, I've settled down. Remember that you can't satisfy these people. Even if you're the biggest soy-boy, progressive pussy boy in the world - they're still going to come and try and fucking annihilate you if you disagree with them even a little bit.

GFY, Jacob.