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WATCH: Mike Pence Dominated the VP Debate

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Last week, the presidential candidates took to the debate for the first time.

Both sides claimed victory, and even within each camp there were mixed reactions. Neither Trump, nor Biden people were particularly happy, neither with their own man, nor with the debate itself.

The reality of that presidential debate, and the next two we as a nation are going to be unmercifully subjected to, is that nobody was going to come out a winner. Joe Biden is a juvenile buffoon. Donald Trump is a brawler more reminiscent of an 1840s Whig congressman than a gentile head-of-state and descendant of the Eisenhower Republicanism that helped restore American greatness in the 1950s. Neither man is particularly adept at presenting their vision for America, and neither man is particularly good at rising above the fracas of his competition. Trump carries this burden fairly well, and is found endearing by his base. Biden writhes around like a beached jellyfish. Both men could use at least some improvement.

But last night, a different debate took place.

Last night, the vice presidential debate took place. In it, Mike Pence did a few things: 1. Pence eloquently presented a vision for American greatness out of COVID and beyond.

2. Pence demonstrated that the Republican party can successfully marry the fighting spirit of the Trump revolution with the polished eloquence of more traditional GOP statesmen.

3. Pence got a warrant put out for his arrest because he absolutely murdered Kamala Harris.

It wasn't just that Kamala Harris was unprepared to even debate a sack of onions. Although I assure you the Vidalias would have won handily.

It wasn't just that the entire Democrat ideology got eviscerated on stage. Although the difference between their platform and a cloud of water vapor was negligible by the time the night ended.

It wasn't even that the glaring flaws of the Democrat ticket were put front and center. Although they were, and somewhere Pete Buttigeig and Elizabeth Warren wept.

It was that Pence embarrassed Harris, Democrats, and Leftists at every turn.

It was that the Biden platform was exposed for the naked farce that it is.

It was that Harris would have had no chance no matter what. She was reduced to bumbling over broad talking points. She was reduced to angrily smirking while she watched another leg of the party platform get run through a wood chipper. She was reduced to doing a Mike Francesca impression, exclaiming that either her or Biden "nevah said dat" each time Pence calmly and coolly annihilated another Dem talking point. Another Dem policy. Another Dem false promise.

Pence got Harris to out-and-out contradict her own running mate.

Pence got Harris to dismiss economic security and job growth for minorities. Not that anyone should be surprised, given her record of imprisoning parents because their kids ditched class.

Pence got Harris to admit, on national television, that she wants to sell American sovereignty to the UN and the Paris Climate Cult.

Pence got Harris on camera actively avoiding the question of whether or not she and Joe Biden support packing the courts:

Pence didn't just beat Harris. He completely and calmly controlled the entire debate from bell to bell. The only way he could have been stronger, could have been better, could have been more devastating is if he'd been given a two hour monologue.


In 2012, people on the right eagerly proclaimed that Paul Ryan was going to mop the floor with Joe Biden. Paul Ryan is, of course, a useless weakling who got schooled by Joe Biden because the entire Romney-Ryan campaign was a waste of this universe's precious atoms.

Tonight, eight years late, we saw a GOP VP candidate demolish a grossly underqualified and dangerous VP candidate.

But it was Mike Pence, not Paul Ryan.

The nation was given two choices on Wednesday evening that it was not presented with during the first presidential debate.

It could go down the path of a restored Columbia, the shining beacon on the hill. It need not strike fear into the hearts of those who would cry about their norms, for their norms still live in those vessels who have managed to meld the American tenacity within Trumpism with the eloquence and grace of a historic GOP.

Alternatively, it could go down the dark road of the GND and AOC. It could choose a path littered with wasted lives, and wasted work, and wasted hope. It could go down the path of being led by a ticket that was mopped up by a former governor of Indiana who probably still can't get his name pronounced right in California.

Vote not against Trump, but for the future and leaders like Pence, if you're the kind of person who finds Trump's rah rah bombast on the less desirable side. Pence is the candidate you wanted all along. Why stop him now?


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