WATCH: Mazie Hirono asks Amy Coney Barett if she has ever committed 'assault of a sexual nature'

It wouldn't be a Senate Judiciary confirmation hearing without a Democrat suggesting that a conservative justice might have a history of sexual assault.

Today, just minutes ago, the dumbest member of Congress, Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, asked Amy Coney Barret the following question:

I mean, WOW. Just amazing. Mazie Hirono does not give any fucks whatsoever. If you're a conservative, she just assumes it's proper to ask you if you rape people. It doesn't matter if the person before her is a mother of seven, devout catholic and general decent human being with a beautiful family.


Mazie Hirono is so insanely incendiary and inappropriate that you almost have to admire her chutzpah. But in reality, more than anything, Hirono is just a good 'ol fashion idiot that does not appear to understand the separation of powers and the role of the judiciary - as evidenced by other questions she asked of ACB:

She repeated "you'd base your judgement on the 'LAW'?!?" several times like it was not the role of a judge to base their judgment on, in fact, the law.

Let me help Mazie out with a little Civics 101: Congress passes a law, the courts determine whether or not such a law violates the Constitution. Supreme Court Justices are supposed to look at facts and apply the law to the set of facts and determine if such law is permissible under the Constitution - end of story.

This is why court packing is such an insanely important issue. If the Libs get their way, they will turn the judiciary into their own super legislative branch that can create rights where they do not exist in the constitution. Then they don't need to worry about winning elections and passing laws that pass constitutional muster - instead, they can rely on runaway progressive courts to do their dirty work for them.

Mazie Hirono stinks. The Constitution is amazing. Have a good day.


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