WATCH: Lori Lightfoot the "Rona Destroyer"

In a city where, just THIS YEAR, 551 people have been shot and killed, 2659 people have been shot and wounded and there have been 604 homicides, the mayor - who has refused federal assistance to deal with the violence in the city - decided to do this:

Mayor Lightf- oops, excuse me, #RonaDestroyer - you have bigger issues to worry about. Focus on literally any one of them them than doing this. I am from this city, I live there, I want to crawl into a corner and never be seen again. The cringe is too strong. I can't even watch that whole clip, its too hard to endure the second-hand embarrassment.

But cringe is nothing new for Lightfoot, back in July she introduced the world to the "Census Cowboy" in effort to help "boost" the census response rate in 10 communities around Chicago:

The Census Cowboy, of course, went on to ride his horse on an expressway to bring attention to his SJW cause #KidsLivesMatter, because - of course - people in this country don't value the lives of children enough. The Census Cowboy's stunt nearly killed NuNu, his horse, because he rode NuNu for over 7 miles, with improper horseshoes on concrete, causing the animal to bleed profusely its heart to race at twice its normal rate and its eyes to dilate.

Initially, people thought the horse might need to be euthanized, however, we're happy to report that NuNu's health is improving.

But why does Chicago's mayor need to be the human embodiment of the Scott's Tots episode of the Office? Everything she does makes one feel like she's in over her head and is trying SOOO hard to be "funny" and "relatable" to the cool-media-crowd but just comes off as desperate. If Lightfoot wanted to show off a little sense of humor, she should've showed up looking like this:

We get it, we need to be careful this Halloween because of the China Virus. We don't need you embarrassing us more than you already have, Mayor Lightfoot. Just post the trick-or-treat guidelines on Facebook, go back to your cave, catch a fish with your bare hands, eat it raw and leave us the rest of us alone.


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