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Watch: Legacy Media Lies About What Happened in this Gated Community

I know you will all be shocked to hear this but once again in the quest to push an narrative or just upset the humans the legacy media has only given a partial story and hid very important facts. You see there were some protesters in St Louis, the kind that want to defund the police, who also want the mayor to resign. This mayor happens to live in a private gated community that the protesters decided to just break into and go yell at her because life is now a Simpsons episode.

In the mob's quest to yell at the mayor, because you know this is surely going to get her to resign, they happened to cross the property of some other residents who were not too happy to see them. Frankly none of us at Flappr can blame this couple. The reason you live in a gated community is to keep the nonsense of the city away from you. While Flappr understands the plight of these fine Americans outlets like CBS weren’t as supportive.

Outlets like the A.P. decided to soft editorialize their belief that the police should be involved.

Who wants to take bets that the person who wrote this article for A.P. supports defunding the police?

Fortunately the good people of Twitter were here to stand up for the rule of law and put the legacy media in its place.

Everyone’s favorite Pro Gun Account pointed this out

Flappr contributor Party Man Randy echoed Mr Province

Others continued the fun

There was a lot of fun to be had with this as well. Our friend Fuzzy Dunlop, for example, encouraged the debate as to her firearm of choice

We decided it was likely a Bersa

And there were memes, glorious memes

When society gets permissive towards lawlessness these kinds of things are going to happen. In Stand Your Ground states, of which Missouri is one of 27 that currently do, people are going to get shot if this type of lawlessness continues and the shooters will be legally justified in doing so. I am still not sure what the end game of all this is but if you look at the shootings over the weekend in places like New York and Chicago you can see why the suburban trigger fingers are getting itchy. So whatever you do out there just stay off of my lawn okay?