WATCH: Joe Biden Tells Troops in 2016 Video: 'Clap for That, You Stupid Bastards'

Internet sleuths have uncovered a video from 2016 where then Vice President, Joe Biden called troops "stupid bastards". Let's check the tape:

I think he was . . . joking? I honestly don't know what to make of this - I don't think I've ever seen a Vice President ever call a room full of people "stupid bastards" to their faces before. I assuredly have never seen a Vice President call a room full of troops "stupid bastards" to their faces before.

Even giving Joe the benefit of the doubt and assuming that he was joking in that clip, it takes some balls for a guy to call a room full of troops "stupid bastards". You know if Trump was in this clip, no benefit of the doubt would be given, in fact - it would be used as PROOF that the refuted Atlantic story was true.

I can't wait to see how the media reports on this clip. If media coverage were equal, I'm sure all the cable news shows will run this clip 24/7, bring on experts and have them explain how grevious this insult was and discuss how Biden obviously has NO respect for our troops (hint: you'll see this clip on Fox News and OAN, but nowhere else).

It's also funny to see how desperate Biden was to get that applause line, very strong JEB! Bush vibes:

At least JEB! didn't call them all assholes or something.

Happy Friday!


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