WATCH: Joe Biden Says He Supports "Redirecting" Police Funding

Things are pretty weird out there right now. It seems that there is a concerted effort by a swath of the country to dismantle the country (actually, Ilhan Omar said as much yesterday). I think what the vast majority of Americans are looking for right now is a leader that will stand up to this attack on our fundamentals and stand up for the rights and interests of all Americans.

Joe Biden purports to be the "return to normalcy" candidate for President. You'd think that Joe Biden would be brushing aside all of these ranting and ravings about defunding or abolishing the police and providing a steady hand as an alternative to Donald Trump in style but not DRASTICALLY in substance. In the first speech of his campaign, Joe Biden actually stated that:

"“I know some of the smart folks say Democrats don’t want to hear about unity. The angrier a candidate can be, the better chance they have to win the nomination. I don’t believe it. I really don’t. I believe Democrats want to unify this nation.”

So why is Joe Biden then committing to "redirecting" police funding during a time when major cities around this country are suffering near record heights of violent crime (NY: murder up 74% and shootings up 64%; Chicago: murder up 60% over 2011). Watch for yourself:

I don't think it's too much to ask for a presidential candidate to try and enforce the laws of the country and protect its citizens. I don't see a single cogent argument on how "defunding, redirecting or abolishing" the police will help save ANY lives. If the current situation is any indication, the police seem too afraid to do their jobs and as a result - more lives are being lost than almost ever before.

Nobody is saying that police reform isn't a worthwhile cause - in fact, the Republicans passed a bill in the Senate that the Democrats refused to even debate - but defunding the police is a terrible idea that the vast majority of the country does not support (just 27 percent of Americans HuffPost/YouGov poll). So why isn't Joe Biden pushing back against Democrats that he insists "want to unify the nation"? It's because he's terrified of the Bernie Bloc voters who are - for all intents and purposes - running the show.

Whether we like it or not, we need Democrats to help push this radical faction back. We need Joe, Nancy and Chuck to be the adults in the room - what we're seeing now is that they are hostages just the like rest of us. That should scare us.