WATCH: Joe Biden says '200 Million' People Have Died from COVID

Yesterday is a day that ends in y, so of course, Joe Biden said something insanely dumb. What did he say this time? Well during a speech on the passing of RBG, yesterday, Ol' Joe had some problems with numbers. Those tricky, tricky, numbers. Let's go to the tape:

hmmm . . . 200 million people is a lot of people, Joe. 200 million people is like 2/3 of the entire country, Joe. I think if 200 million people had died, traffic in my city wouldn't be such a pain in the ass, Joe, but it still is a pain in the ass, Joe.

I think you meant 200,000 people, Joe. No big deal, you were just off by 99.9%, Joe. It happens, just mistakenly add three zeros.

Maybe he's right though? Quick. . . everyone check to see if they are still alive. We good? Phew, I was a little worried for a second, but it appears Joe is just pudding brained. Let's see how some other people reacted to this blunder:

This man is a vote away from becoming President of the United States. That's scary!


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