WATCH: Biden Touts Philadelphia Eagles Jacket During Speech; Is Wearing Delaware Blue Hens Jacket

Two days before Americans take to the polls to decide whether or not Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States, the former VP took the stage to help drum up some final votes.

He excitedly walked up the steps as music blared and car horns honked, Biden then grabbed the microphone and excitedly exclaimed “I married a Philly girl, by the way. That’s why I’m wearing my Eagles jacket”. The only problem for Mr. Biden was that he was wearing a jacket that featured the logo of the Delaware Blue Hens, NOT the Philadelphia Eagles:

For reference:

Live look at the mainstream media and Biden campaign staff (basically the same thing, tbh) having to come up with a new way to explain what Biden REALLY meant when he mistook a school from his home state for an iconic NFL franchise:

I don’t need to say any more. You know the deal. Joe Biden is losing his mental acuity (this is my nice way of saying he’s fucking brain dead) and shouldn’t be President of the United States.

Go vote. Vote your conscience, don’t let people guilt you into voting for someone, don’t vote for someone just because you think civil society (i.e., elitist assholes) tells you to vote a certain way.

Have a great Sunday.

God Bless America.