WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Allegedly Used the N-Word in 1996 Radio Comedy Sketch

Well, we MAY know why Jimmy Kimmel is taking a leave of absence.

Fox News reported exclusively today that Jimmy Kimmel participated in a comedy album back in 1996 for the Kevin & Bean radio show, where he imitated the rapper Snoop Dogg, and used the N-word.

Watch for yourself:

Per Fox News Reporter, Gregg Re:

The admission came in a January 2013 podcast obtained this weekend by Fox News. In the podcast, Kimmel also changed his speech pattern in an attempt to adopt the voice of black comedian George Wallace, in what host Adam Carolla called Kimmel's "crazy black voice." Kimmel acknowledged imitating black people on other occasions as well.
Kimmel, who is slated to host the Emmy Awards this year, announced last week that he's taking the summer off amid a brewing blackface controversy; he has not issued an apology.
Fox News additionally has obtained audio from the Christmas album, "A Family Christmas In Your A--," which came out of the "Kevin & Bean" radio show that aired on KROQ-FM in California. A version of the track featuring Kimmel's Snoop Dogg imitation, "Christmastime in the LBC," has been uploaded to YouTube.
Liner notes from the cassette, obtained by Fox News, showed the album was co-produced by "Jim Kimmel" and credited Kimmel for all "comedy material" on the album, except for a handful of unrelated tracks. Kimmel also appeared on the album cover.

Woof. This is the problem with cancel culture, especially with comedy. If we are all being honest, Jimmy Kimmel it is extremely unlikely that Jimmy Kimmel is a racist. He was doing comedy and imitating an EXTREMELY popular artist, Snoop Dogg, who used that word extensively at the time.

So, do I think Jimmy Kimmel should be canceled? NO. But I didn't make these rules, the insane woke mobs made these rules and by THEIR rules, he should absolutely be canceled, right?

The rules stupid, but that's where we are at right now. Kimmel himself tried to cancel the President by BEGGING Tom Arnold to release a tape of the President allegedly using the word. Probably should've considered the skeletons in his own closet first, but he probably did and realized his own indiscretions wouldn't matter because he had the "correct' politics.

So will it matter, will Kimmel be "canceled?" Maybe, but don't be surprised if it's all ignored or forgotten, remember - this video has been floating around forever:


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