WATCH: Don Lemon Says the Rioting 'Has to Stop' because it is 'Showing Up in Polling'

So Trump and the GOP are gaining in the polls. Why? Maybe its because the country got a glimpse of what the Biden and the Democrats have to offer during the DNC. It was a particularly grim outlook on America, a view that America is not and never has been all that great (Andrew Cuomo literally said this in 2018).

Or, maybe its because Portland has now come to Kenosha and Americans are now starting to realize that Democrats are literally burning down American cities as other Democrats in power ignore them and/or participate themselves.

Whatever the case, the race is tightening and that has caused the Democrats propoganda arm, the media writ large, to stand at attention and try and put out the fire. Last night, it was Don Lemon, who calls himself an "independent", who said the quiet part out loud:

You heard correctly, Don Lemon literally said that: "the rioting has to stop... it’s showing up in the polling, it’s showing up in focus groups" during a live broadcast on CNN, the same day they replaced the phrase "violent protests" with just "protests".

Don Lemon says this after months of "nowhere does it say that protests have to be peaceful", "destruction to property is not violence" and the slandering of federal agents in Portland as "agitators" appeared on his network. Apparently, all it took to get CNN to change their tone and call the "peaceful protests" by their actual name - "riots" was to see some bad polling data. Think about how cynical and ugly this behavior is - they don't care about reporting, facts or you - they care about protecting the narrative that they thought was going to give them power.

All of it was Democrats covering for Democrats. CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, WaPO and their media cohorts are as responsible as anyone for bringing Portland to Kenosha and now that Portland has come to Kenosha,

They haven't learned from 2016, they've only gotten worse and they've only MADE THINGS WORSE and for that reason - I hope that Trump wins. Don, and his buddies deserve another four years of Trump and getting dragged by him and the public - they've earned it.