WATCH: Dem Rep. Cohen Insinuates Some Natl. Guard Might Be Traitors Since Many Probably Voted Trump

In things that seemed inevitable, but are still hard to believe - Democrat Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee got on CNN today and dropped this very insane and incendiary take:

So . . . basically, we have gotten to the point where if you even VOTED for Donald Trump - you must be assumed to be a potential domestic terrorist. I mean, I don't know how else to explain what Steve Cohen said in the clip above. I think it it boils down to "statistically speaking, many of these National Guardsmen probably voted for Trump, so we have to assume they want to . . . harm Joe Biden and other congressman."

There is a term for what Steve Cohen just did on national television - it's called PROFILING, which we've been told is a very bad thing - including by none other than. . . Steve Cohen:

To be fair, maybe Cohen only thinks racial profiling is bad, but profiling nearly 75 million Americans for . . . voting for someone is justified.

All jokes aside, this should scare you. The left has no ability to moderate itself and appears poised to wield the gift given to them by idiots storming the capitol and use it has a club to beat their political adversaries into submission. It doesn't matter that their political adversaries are fellow Americans, they view conservatives as an impediment to reaching their progressive utopia - so if you voted for Trump (or even if you belong to a demographic where the majority of the group voted for Trump), you're basically a member of the Klan to them.

Think I'm exaggerating? Watch Don Lemon from last week:

The Dem playbook is out in the open for all to see - if you're a republican, you're <insert the worst possible thing imaginable>. They used to just imply such things, but now they're coming outright and saying it on television, every day. In my opinion, the only way to combat this narrative is for conservatives to fight hard to reclaim the mantle as the "not crazy party" (which was certainly lost in the minds of moderate voters, when, you know, crazy people stormed the Capitol). Let the American people get a taste of unified woke Democrat government and see if they want to spit it back out - just like they did in 2016.

Have a good day and God Bless America.