WATCH: Biden Says 'You'll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over.'

There are nine justices that sit on the United States Supreme Court. There have been nine justices sitting on the United States Supreme Court since 1869 pursuant to the Judiciary Act of 1869. Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently passed away and Republicans seem primed to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to serve a lifetime appointment in replacement of the departed Justice Ginsburg. Barrett would be bring the number of justices on the Supreme Court back to nine.

This scares Democrats because they view the Barrett confirmation will enshrine a 6-3 conservative majority on the high court for at least the foreseeable future (maybe 10 years or so?)

You know what Democrats could do to try and change the balance on the court? Win elections and earn the right to appoint their own judges to the Supreme Court.

Do you know what Democrats plan to do to change the balance on the court? Change the rules and add more judges to the Supreme Court via new legislation that would change the Judiciary act of 1689. That's what's commonly referred to as "court packing".

Yes, Democrats seem to want to pack the courts. For instance, Chuck Schumer said just this week that "everything is on the table" if Democrats win a majority of the Senate, including eliminating the filibuster and adding more justices to the Supreme Court. Schumer is likely to become Senate Majority Leader should the Democrats win back the Senate and would set the agenda for such decisions.

So, if the Democrats wanted to pass a new law that will replace the Judiciary Act of 1868, they'd likely also need to abolish the legislative filibuster (which is a whole different discussion) and that newly passed law would need to be signed by the President of the United States. Now, we know that if Donald Trump wins re-election, he'd veto any such legislation. But what we DON'T know is whether Joe Biden, if elected president, would veto such legislation. Why don't we know? Because Joe Biden refuses to answer whether or not he supports court packing (though he was against it during the primaries).

During the first debate with President Trump, Biden refused to answer the question:

Last night, Kamala Harris refused to answer the question (she said she was "open" to court packing during the primaries):

And here is Joe Biden today, refusing to answer the question. Why? Because he says that it would be "headline" or something.

This is completely unacceptable. Court packing and eliminating the filibuster are the two most critical questions during this election. If the Democrats eliminate the filibuster, a simple majority (50 + the VP) would be sufficient to RAM through the Green New Deal and their court packing agenda. If the Democrats choose to pack the courts, you'll throw over 150 years of settled norms out the window, open the courts to even MORE partisanship and allow Democrats to use SCOTUS as a super legislative branch to ignore the words of the constitution and push through their progressive fever dreams.

If you think I'm alone in my thinking that packing the courts would be an awful idea, I'll let Justice Ginsburg make the case for me:

If this is the Democrats' plan, the Democrats should AT LEAST let the people know so the people can vote on whether or not they support such changes to our system of government.

Joe Biden SHOULD NOT be allowed to skate by with non-answers to this question. It's too damn important. If only we had a media that wanted to truly inform the people.

It's almost the weekend.

Happy Thursday.

God Bless America.