WATCH: Biden Says "we have over 120 million dead from COVID"

If you have ever wondered why you rarely see Biden these days, despite the fact that he is one of two people who will lead the country over the next four years, it's probably because his handlers know that if they let him speak in public, he's likely to say something completely asinine. Today, it was this:

To be fair, Joe is only off by approximately ‭119,876,000‬, a rounding error essentially. Yes, according to the most up to date statistics, the US has surpassed 124,000 deaths due to COVID-19 - which most link to an outbreak originating in China. Here are some humorous reactions to help brighten your day:

To be fair, Biden misspoke and was about to catch himself, but given his consistent mind fumbles, it does raise continued questions about whether or not his brain consists of applesauce.

So yeah, this guy is leading the national polls by about 10%. Good luck, America.


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