WATCH: Biden Family's Struggles with Spanish Language Continue

The Biden Family's relationship with the Spanish language is one of pain - mostly for the language.

Yesterday, in a speech delivered to California farmers, Dr. Jill Biden botched an attempt to pronounce "Si se puede!", a phrase made by notable labor rights activist, Cesar Chavez, that loosely translate to "Yes, we can":

Pretty sure that pwodway isn't a real word in Spanish, which must have been particularly embarrassing for Dr. Jill - who used to teach English as a second language classes. Those poor kids must have been so confused.

This struggle is not new to the Biden family as Jill's husband, and our nominal President, Joe, had his own difficulties with the Spanish language last November:

Pretty sure Joe was going for the colloquialism "mi casa es su casa" here, meaning my house is your house, but just Bidened the whole thing up.

To be fair, Joe doesn't speak English all that well these days, so maybe we should give him a break on his poor attempts at Spanish.

Let's not forget the pandering gem from back during the election:

Still really hard to understand how this guy is our current President.

On to some reactions:


Eh. . . too tough to choose.


That's what we said!

Happy Thursday, don't be like Joe Biden. God Bless America.