WATCH: Biden Says He Has 5 Grandkids; Actually Has 7

It's a day that ends in Y, so Joe Biden said something weird, crazy or just mush-brained.

What did he say today? Let's watch this clip from an interview he gave with . . . Cardi B? Actually, before we get to the clip, think about this - Joe Biden will NOT give interviews to anyone right now. Not Chris Wallace at Fox News (with whom Donald Trump sat down with for an HOUR), not Jonathan Swan from Axios (with whom Donald Trump sat down with for an HOUR), not NBC, not ABC, not CBS, not CNN, not MSNBC. He WILL sit down with fucking CARDI B, a woman who has literally admitted to drugging and robbing men in her former life. What does that tell you about the confidence that Joe and his campaign have in Joe's ability to speak coherently and take tough questions? You know the answer.

Anyways. here is the clip:

Well, you might be thinking there was no big deal with the clip above, Joe just riffin on the difficulties of adulthood with Cardi B. Yeah, maybe. . . except Joe has SEVEN grandchildren, not five.

This isn't the first time the Biden's have made this mistake, recently, Dr. Jill Biden (lol, she has a PhD in education) said that she and Joe have SIX grandchildren:

Hmmm . . . I wonder which one she was conveniently forgetting about? It couldn't be the child that his ne'er-do-well (see: deviant, scumbag, drug addict, liar, corrupt) son, Hunter Biden, had with a stripper in Arkansas while cheating on his dead brother's widow, could it? (seriously, think about how big of a piece of shit you must be in order to: a) start dating your brother's widow; b) cheat on her; and c) father a baby with a stripper while you were supposed to be in rehab).

The same Hunter Biden who denied ever having sex with the mother of the inconvenient grandchild, fought paternity until dragged into court by the mother, then begrudgingly accepted paternity and agreed to pay child support 18 months after the child was born. I know that Hunter Biden's debauchery can be a little confusing, so I've made this handy chart for you:

On some level, you've got to appreciate his cockmanship. Fertile guy, that Hunter.

It couldn't be that the Bidens don't want acknowledge this grandchild because it's embarrassing and Hunter is a total degenerate, right? The world may never know! This includes Joe Biden, who may not know - given that his brain is made of mashed potatoes.

You can watch the whole interview here, but here are a couple of other "JoMents" from the video:

Man, kudos to the guy or gal who has to edit these interviews for the Biden campaign - must be a really, really, difficult job to make Joe seem somewhat coherent.

Joey B and Cardi B , , , , so. much. cringe.

Well, it's only Monday - probably a good chance that Joe will say something else stupid by tomorrow. See you then!