WATCH: Biden Says He'd Mandate Mask Wearing on all "Interstate Transportation"

Do you ever see people driving around in their cars, wearing masks? Like these idiots. . . I mean fine folks:

Now, I am not here to tell people how to live their lives and what precautions they should take to feel safe during all this madness. But me, personally, I don't understand why the fuck anyone would wear a mask while driving around in a car. I mean, do people not understand how viruses work? Do they think that a virus is somehow going to fly through the air and attack them in their cars? Do they think the mask would save them? Again, people should do what they gotta do, but wearing your mask while driving around seems . . . a bit overkill to say the least.

Well, if Joe Biden wins the presidency in a couple of weeks - wearing a mask in the car might become a legally enforceable requirement on federal interstates:

Now, maybe Joe is referring to airports and train stations that are regulated by the federal government. Maybe, I don't know - I don't speak brain-dead-asshole (though I did minor in Italian Mobster Slang in college). It is unclear how this stugots would actually enforce such a mandate - is he really going to have the feds policing the roads, looking to pinch paisans who are driving around not wearing a mask? I mean Madonn'. . . fuhgettaboutit!

The FBI couldn't nab Tony for having Adrianna whacked, but he should've known better not to wear his mask!

The whole thing is a fugazi, we cannot continue to let this virus control how people choose to live their lives. If people haven't already noticed - there is no controlling this virus. It's a fucking virus. We will get through this - but it shouldn't come at the cost of the continued ruin of our economy, our mental health and our children.

So to Joe Biden, va fangul, you wretched faccia brutta.

To the rest of you, I hope you have a chance to sit back, eat a little gabagool, some manigot, drink a little sambuca and enjoy your weekend.

God Bless America.


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