WATCH: Biden Says George Floyd's Daughter Wanted to "Sit On My Lap"

Today is a day that ends in "y", so of course Joe Biden did or said something extremely creepy and/or embarrassing.

So what ridiculously dopey thing did Biden say today? Well, after meeting with the family of George Floyd at the White House, 'Ol Joe said this:

"She wanted to sit on my lap?"


This would've been somewhat strange for any octogenarian to say about a small child (she's seven), but it's especially. . . . uncomfortable coming from Biden, given his history of . . . well, this:

and this;

and this:

and this:

and. well . . .you get the idea.

I know it's a common complaint around these parts that Biden hides from the media, but I'm starting to think that it might be in the best interests of the public to keep him locked away. Protect the American people from having to hear him creep us all the hell out, protect himself from exposing his strangeness for all to see, protect the United States government from the embarrassment of having to explain why it's leader is so damn odd.

What a fucking weirdo.

Happy Tuesday and God Bless America.