WATCH: Biden Refers to VP as "President Harris"

Yeah, I know this is getting old. Joe Biden does this so routinely that this blog could be solely devoted to "WATCH: Biden Says Dumb Thing X" and we'd never be devoid of content.

But because he DOES do it a lot, it's worth chronicling. He basically cannot go a week without some slip of the tongue, some gaffe, some . . . Freudian slip?

What did he do today? Well, while providing pre-written statements before the press core on the progress of vaccinations in the US, he said this:

Biden, of course, did not take any questions from the press,

Yeah, she's not President Harris, Joe. You're the President, despite the desires of everyone on the Right and a fair number of people on the Left. And Yes, it's just a gaffe, it's not life or death, it's not a 1.9T spending bill that was touted as "COVID relief" but later celebrated for what it was - a spending spree for progressive projects and a bailout of poorly run blue state governments. Still, he has these gaffes all the time and it's . . . you know, not a great look for the country.

In fact, this verbal stumble comes hours after Russian President, Vladimir Putin, clowned on Biden by suggesting that Putin and Biden have a live debate:

. . . . at least that's what I assume he said, I don't speak Sputnik and have no desire to learn.

It's telling that Putin, whom Biden called a "Killer" on Tuesday night, has such a small opinion of the President of the United States and his ability to coherently debate on matters of global important, that they want him out in the open, for the world to see.

Oh well, at least he doesn't tweet mean things. . .

On to some reactions;

Oh, yeah, sure. . . I'm sure he MEANT to call her President Harris.

To be clear, Green Screen Gate turned out to be wrong - but this is still funny.

Yeah. . . Yeah.

My money is on Tapioca. Very lumpy.

I mean, I'm sure it's not the FIRST time he's ever told the truth.

Anyways. Happy Thursday. Stay Safe. God Bless America.