WATCH: Biden Lectures Woman on Chicken Turds

Last night CNN hosted Joe Biden for a "drive in" style town hall event. It was about 75 minutes of Joe Biden taking answers from democrats, basically. This is in contrast to the George Stephanopoulos (who was Bill Clinton's press secretary, but that's not biased or anything) hosted town hall that President Trump participated in earlier in the week, where Trump was basically bombarded with questions from a bunch of left wing activist types. Regardless, Biden took the stage and answered questions from voters in Pennsylvania - his home state.

On the whole, Biden answered some questions adeptly but more often than not started to ramble as he is wont to do. For example, a woman asked Joe what he will do to help relieve some of the burdensome regulations that impact her potato farm - to which Joe responds by talking about. . . chicken shit:

I mean. . . I guess there is an answer in there somewhere? Sort of? Well not really, because she asked him specifically about decreasing the regulatory burden on farmers and it sounds like he just started rattling off some talking points he was given. That's probably about all you expect from Joe these days.

Earlier in the evening, Biden attributed every single death from COVID-19 to Donald Trump. No he's serious, he wants you to look at the data (what data, I have no idea). EVERY SINGLE PERSON DIED BECAUSE OF DONALD TRUMP:

I mean, that's just an insanely irresponsible thing to say. I'm sure the media were quick to fact check him on this one, right?

Yeah, they're real seeking of bringing "truth to power", lol.

Joe Biden cared SO MUCH about safety that he held rallies in Houston & Dallas on March 2, L.A. on March 3, St. Louis & Kansas City on March 7, Grand Rapids & Detroit on March 9, & Philly on March 10. There is no way that Biden is just being a performative douche when it comes to all of this, right? Like he wouldn't break social distancing guidelines when the cameras weren't looking, right?

Finally, it wouldn't be a Biden campaign event if Joe Biden didn't racially stereotype some group of people. Last night, when Anderson Cooper mentioned that President Trump, in fact, had passed criminal justice reform and in response, Biden rambled about black guys buying nickel bags of cocaine or something:

Hmmm. . . I wonder if anyone at home perked up when Joe started mentioning snorting coke?

Moreover, it seems that, according to Joe Biden, the economic impact of COVID-19 has resulting in 50% price reduction for of cocaine - with dime bags now becoming nickel bags. While this might be terrible news some, for others it's presents an opportunity.

Anyways, that's all I got for you this week. Enjoy your weekend. God Bless America.


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