WATCH: Biden Car Parade Attracts Three Cars

Merriam-Webster defines "enthusiasm" as "a strong excitement of feeling or something inspiring zeal or fervor". Well . . . the Biden campaign is basically anti-enthusiasm.

For example, Jill Biden was in Manchester, New Hampshire today and they held a "car parade" in support of the Harris-Biden Campaign (his words, not mine). Parades can be a cool way to show how much support you have from a given group of people. Parades can also be extremely embarrassing if you organize one and only. . . three people show up:

This is not an anomaly for the Biden campaign, just this past weekend "Latino's for Biden" held a car parade for Sleepy Joe in Nevada and here was the turnout:

The media is doing their part to try and cover up for the lack of enthusiasm, by using. . . Trump rally images and passing them off as Biden events:

I know that people are going to vote for Joe Biden, the polls (lol) seem to indicate that if the election were held today, he'd probably win . . . but I can't shake seeing images above and then contrasting them with this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

There is something to having people ACTUALLY enthusiastic about something vs. doing something because they just oppose something. If I had to choose, I'd put my money on enthusiasm.

I don't know how the election will shake out, but this is something to keep an eye on.

Just saying.