WATCH: Biden Cant Remember the Name of the Pentagon or his Sec. of Defense

We've been keeping track of the number of days since Joe Biden has given a formal press conference. The number currently sits at 47, which is the entirety of his presidency.

Well, when you see performances like the one he gave today, to celebrate the promotion of two female generals on #internationalwomensday, you can understand why Joe Biden does not want to have to answer non-scripted questions from reporters:

Yeah, that's not good. It seems that Joe must have finished his teleprompter fed remarks and tried to go off the cuff, you know, show off a little how he can speak words good 'n stuff. Didn't work out too well for him though.

One would think that, given Biden's near 50 years in DC, the name "the Pentagon" would be a phrase that would not be such a challenge for him. One would think that Joe wouldn't have an issue remembering the name of Lloyd Austin, the first African American to serve as the United States secretary of defense, given that he was appointed and confirmed less than 6 weeks ago.

Yet here we are. It's not even funny anymore. It's scary that this man runs our country (or others on his behalf). But I guess it's better to laugh than cry, so here are some funny reactions:

Oh well, at least he's not the leader of the free world or anything.

Enjoy your evening. God Bless America.