WATCH: Biden Calls for Ban on "Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines"

In a move that seemed almost inevitable after two, recent, high-profile, mass shootings, President Joe Biden held a press conference today to announce that he's calling on Congress to pass a bill, banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines:

Such a bill would require 60 votes in the Senate to survive filibuster (I think), so unless the Dems nuke the filibuster to pass the bill - it doesn't seem likely to become law. In all probability, coming out for an assault weapons ban is an effort to create a political talking point - namely that Republicans are "evil" for blocking such a bill and giving the Left another reason why the filibuster needs to be eliminated. It's a pretty smart move when you think about it in this context.

Now even if it were to pass - it is unclear whether or not such a ban would be upheld by the Supreme Court - given it's current 6-3 conservative slant. Though, we should know by now that relying on the Supreme Court to strike down bad laws is anything but certain these days.

Should be an interesting topic to watch.

Happy Tuesday, God Bless America.

UPDATE: Jen Psaki says that Biden may try and use an executive order, rather than leaving this to Congress, for some type of gun control measure: