• Nero

Washington Wokeskins? The Terrorists Win Again

In what is becoming an all too familiar refrain the terrorists have been granted yet another victory this time in the form of getting the Washington Redskins to change their name.

Once again pressure put on companies such as FedEx by a vocal minority of Karens, Karen no longer being a gender specific term, has forced the franchise to capitulate in the name of public relations. Why the most powerful economic force in the United States is frightened of Karens while the NBA gets a pass on it’s China problem is beyond me but fuck it. Civilization was a mistake.

I present to you all the “Washington Wokeskins”

Twitter of course had it’s say

A franchise I would happily be the mascot for

Of course there are issues with the preferred new name leading to even more hilarity

If they are going to actually do this I would like to hope they come up with something fun and even historically relevant to the franchise like the the Washington Feral Hogs

But it will probably be something like this

The terrorists can take the name Redskins but they can never take John Riggins and his afro from our memories.

The Karen class can claim all they want that this has something to do with racism but it isn’t. In fact as recently as 2016 the Washington Post reported that 9 out of 10 Native Americans are not, not, offended by the name “Redskins”. No, what we have here is just a continued attack on things that affluent white liberals don’t like to a certain degree and a way to make the same affluent white liberals feel good about themselves for all the good deeds they do. So with the help of social media they just continue to fight to destroy things they don’t like that bring people just a little bit of joy. Do not for one minute kid yourselves this is more about destroying professional sports than anything else because the Karens get upset that their hen pecked husbands and boyfriends don’t want to take them to brunch during the NFL season.

Civilization was a mistake