Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin Has Very Public Multi-Day Mental Breakdown

Jennifer Rubin the so-called "conservative opinion writer" at the Washington Post has completely descended into madness over the past few days since President Trump tested positive for COVID-19. For those of you who do not know Jennifer Rubin, she is a horrible shrew of a woman who masqueraded around as a "conservative" writer for many years and then completely lost her mind over Trump. For those of you who are familiar with Jen Rubin you might say, "JAC, how could you tell she had a total breakdown? How is it any different than just a normal day in the life of Jen Rubin since 2016?" Well, I will let you wonderful folks be the judge...

October 2nd - Jennifer Rubin finds out President Trump tested positive for coronavirus

Her first concern is if Joe Biden is okay. No concern for the sitting president of the United States having a potential health crisis.

Then the "he should resign" tirade.

Also Trump and Republicans purposely are killing people.

As the nation is facing a potential crisis regarding the health of the sitting president, Rubin is most concerned with (in between calling Trump a sociopath and monster) providing Joe Biden campaign strategy. Mind you, Biden did not stop negative ads even though they said they did - it was a lie.

Then came the faux-concern for Amy Coney Barrett's family. Jen was just so scared!

Next the conspiracy theories about Trump going to Walter Reed that one time.

Mind you to this point its just been a few hours time on Friday morning. The meltdown really started gathering steam around lunch time.

Medical expert Rubin reporting for duty. Remember these are all just minutes apart.

Its "criminal" to not be sufficiently terrified of a virus with a 99.8% survival rate according to Jen Rubin.

I have to be honest with you all, it became so mentally draining going through this psychotic woman's timeline that I needed to step away for a full day. But I am back in one piece and ready to bring it to a conclusion.

October 3 & 4 - Trump goes to Walter Reed Medical Center and spends a couple of days there as a precaution

Rubin literally carried one like a mad-woman like the above for three straight days on Twitter. Pearl clutching, hysterical shrieking, irrational whiny panic. Hundreds and hundreds of tweets like this. Cannot even narrow it down. Just re-read the first section for effect.

October 5 - Trump is released from Walter Reed Medical Center

God forbid Trump actually receive treatment, end up fine, and get released from Walter Reed. That is no good in the diseased brain of WaPo's "conservative" blogger. So where does she turn her ire?

To destroying the medical professionals at Walter Reed. Absolute lunatic.

And the granddaddy of them all...

One of the premier medical facilities in the nation, if not the world, needs to be defunded and shut down because the medical professionals had the nerve to allow the President of the United States to return to the White House!

Now either this is all an act for the Resistance or this is a very mentally disturbed woman who has no business opining on the important matters of the day. For the most part, she is on par with the remainder of the Never Trump and Leftist commentariat but the Trump/COVID meltdown was something truly to behold. Its like Carrie Matheson when she is off her meds but is also a totally useless journo instead of a CIA spook.

Thankfully our great president is back at the White House, doing well, and continuing to make liberal heads explode. We just have to keep hoping for the best because the meltdown from four more years will be absolutely epic. If watching Jennifer Rubin lose her ever-loving shit is not reason enough to vote for Donald Trump then nothing is. I hope she gets the help she needs but does not get what she so desperately desires in November. Sorry Jen, but the best is yet to come.