VIDEO: The DNC has Mercifully Ends; Biden Reads Teleprompter Adequately

So the DNC is over.

To entertain and inform (lol) all of you, I watched all four nights and I'll be honest - night four was probably the best night for the Democrats. Why? Because of the last 24.5 minutes of the convention, but we'll get to that later. The first two plus hours were a complete and utter shit show.

I have long been a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, dating back to her days on Seinfeld up through the end of her run on VEEP (which was a decidedly no-woke show). That's why it saddened me to see her completely and totally BOMB last night as she did her best to try and make democrats and Joe Biden look cool. The flop sweat was palpable through the television.

Just watch some of these "jokes":

A golf score joke? Who does she think is watching this bullshit?

You really want to die on the hill that Joe Biden isn't brain dead?

Joe Biden, the pro-abortion guy who was denied communion - that's the big church guy?

This Jerry Lewis Telethon level stuff. SO. MUCH. CRINGE.

I mean, the people who put on the DNC actually thought this was a good idea. Take a female comedic actor, not a stand up, and have her perform really lame, sterile, corporate retreat style roast jokes. You could replace the name Donald Trump with Steve from Accounting and the jokes would land exactly the same way - cringeworthy.

I don't say this lightly, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus set female comedy back decades last night. I mean, honestly . . . who the fuck thought any of this was funny, except the insanely corrupt left-wing-trump-hate-porn-loving-media:

Fuck these people, seriously.

This was all just window dressing for the main event - Joe Biden gave his acceptance speech last night. You know that there were people all throughout the DNC that were probably shitting bricks in fear that Joe might say something insanely weird, as he is prone to do.

But, if I am being honest, he didn't. He gave a perfectly adequate speech, reading from a teleprompter live in front of the nation, here's a clip:

This was the only Biden Blunder I noticed from the speech:


Was the speech good? No. The speech was light on specifics (like, what authority does Biden have to MANDATE wearing masks from the federal level - he doesn't) and was not error free, but it satisfied the ONE criterion he had to meet: don't look like a total brain dead zombie - and he passed. However, since expectations have been set so low for Biden, his speech has been heralded as the best speech of his career, the best in modern history and the best yada yada yada (Elaine joke, get it?) by the media.

"But you yada yada'd over the best part!" "No, I mentioned the blunder."

It's notable that the DNC was so afraid of Biden fucking up the reading of a pre-written, teleprompter speech that his speech ended up being the shortest in modern DNC History:

And I think Van Jones spoke on behalf of all Democrats last night when he basically admitted that everyone was afraid that Biden was going to poop his pants on stage:

So here is my takeaway from last night's speech; before last night, Biden had 4 big tests in front of him (mainly because our media is so CORRUPT that they wont criticize and shame him into giving more unscripted interviews) this DNC Speech and the three upcoming debates with Donald Trump.

Biden passed his first test, but that was also his easiest test - a pre-written speech that he can read from a teleprompter. The three debates will be unscripted and he will be facing a legit MONSTER on the debate stage, that will challenge him and probably call him brain dead right to his face. That will not be so easy.

To the GOP and President Trump's re-election team, I say this: you've (well we all have) set the set the expectation level for Joe Biden so low that mere adequacy is getting billed as "the best speech ever". If you want to expose Joe as the bumbling moron we think him to be, the President better do his homework and come prepared to SLAY him. This should' have already be in progress, but if it isn't - get your shit together and prepare. That starts with producing an RNC that is better than this DNC shitshow, giving a coherent and inspiring RNC speech and getting solid on your facts and counterpoints for the three upcoming debates.

That's all I got. Have a great weekend. God Bless America.