Update: Media Member Did Not Call Kayleigh McEnany a "Lying Bitch"

Kayleigh McEnany may have been called a "lying bitch" while responding to a question about the dangers of mail-in voting today. The person who may have hurled the alleged insult is still undetermined, by Flappr - but it was assuredly a member of the media, whose job it is to remain unbiased and not make the story about themselves. They rarely accomplish that goal. Watch for yourself:

The masked reporter in this image is allegedly the party who may have brazenly and cowardly insulted the Press Secretary on live television in a room full of media members.

Twitter users suspected that it may have been Paula Reid who made the comment, however, it appears that she was not at the press briefing:

Twitter users also noticed the stark resemblance to Tiger King villainess, Carole Baskin:

We will update if and when the identity of the insult hurler is made public.

UPDATE: It appears that we may have found the culprit, but there are now counter reports that she said "you don't wanna engage". This may be the new "did you hear Yanni or Laurel"

UPDATE: Kimberly Halkett denies calling McEnany a "lying bitch", says she said "ok, you don't want to engage":

It's a tough call on this one. . . if you try listening for "lying bitch" I think you hear "lying bitch." If you try listening for "don't want to engage" I think you hear "don't want to engage".

I think if I had to put money on what was said, it would be "don't want to engage" given the context and that reporters have not YET resorted to hurling slurs at the Press Secretary on a regular basis.


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