VIDEO: Joe Biden Says We Need a Green Economy to Get our Children to "Market Swiftly" . . .WTF?

In a move that I am sure will NOT inspire any more curiosity among certain pizza-themed segments of the internet, Joe Biden stated during a campaign speech that we: "to get our people to work and our kids to school safely, to get our kids to market swiftly, to power clean energy revolution in this country, we need to modernize America's infrastructure."

Watch for yourself:

It's not like the internet was not already abuzz with conspiracies about a certain online shitty furniture selling children in a human trafficking ring or anything. This won't stoke those flames.

Realistically though, I have no fucking idea what he was trying to say here. Assuming his brain is just applesauce (it is), I still don't even know what he was trying to say. "To get our kids to market more swiftly". . . did he mean like the super market? But that doesn't really make sense in coordination with his green new deal. Did he mean like the job market? But that would assume we're going to send children into the labor market. . . which we tend to frown upon.

I don't have an answer, lets see what others had to say:

Yup - called this one.

and this one.

Yeah, I dunno either.

He is losing whatever he had, and it was never a whole lot. Sad.

Bless this brave woman for trying.

I'm sure that Biden must have taken a bevy of hard, but fair, objective questions from the emdai after revealing a 2 TRILLION DOLLAR GREEN NEW DEAL, RIGHT? Like for instance, "Mr. Vice President, how are you going to pay for this 2 TRILLION DOLLAR expenditure?" Right? Right?

Oh . . . I guess not.

Well, at least its almost Friday. Whats that? It's Tuesday? Awww ffff.


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