VIDEO: Jim Cramer calls Pelosi 'Crazy Nancy' Live on CNBC

Remember how I just said that sometimes adults sometimes say the quiet part out loud? Well, Jim Cramer, wall street dude and host of Mad Money on CNBC just said the quiet part out loud, LIVE on television.

Doing a live interview on the prospects of getting a second COVID stimulus package passed through Congress, Cramer called Nancy Pelosi "Crazy Nancy' to her face, live on television:

You don't just call Pelosi 'Crazy Nancy' if you don't call Pelosi 'Crazy Nancy' in private on the regular. It's also amazing that he retreated to "well, that is what the President calls you . . . I'd never, I have too much respect for the office". That's an all-time spinzone if I've ever seen one.

The reactions have been pretty priceless across the spectrum:

Look, to be honest, I think calling the Speaker of the House 'Crazy Nancy' to her face on live television is a bad look. The media is already a dumpster fire and we don't need to take it another level with this sort of nonsense. That being said, that same media should be taking Pelosi to task WAY more for the way she uses her pulpit to spew similar rhetoric, like say. . . calling Republicans 'domestic enemies' just a few weeks back:

You didn't see broad condemnation of Pelosi for such ugly rhetoric back then, did you? It would be nice if the media played a role in turning down the rhetoric rather than pouring gasoline on the fire, but we know they won't serve that purpose. Cramer is probably guitly of a slip of the tongue here, but because it was a slip of the tongue that came at the expenses of YASSSSS QUEEN, Pelosi - you can bet his punishment will be way more severe for this mistake than if he called the Senate Majority Leader "Moscow Mitch".

Happy Tuesday.