Interviews From The Frontline: Healthcare Workers Face Vaccination

With all the Brouhaha over the Covid-19 vaccine, I decided to speak with people in Healthcare industry to see what they have to say about Covid-19 and the vaccination that has started rolling out:


Me: What are your credentials and how long have you worked in Healthcare?

Anon1: I am Advanced Practice Nursing (APRN) with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP). I have been a nurse for over 20 years.

Me: So you are a doctor or a nurse?

Anon1: I am not a medical doctor (MD). I have a doctorate in nursing, and yes, I am called Dr. Anonymous1 but state that I am a nurse practitioner (NP). I can do many of the same things as doctors such as write prescriptions, order tests such as labs and imaging, and I have my own patients.

Me: How are you involved with Covid-19 patients.

Anon1: normally my practice is involved with another type of infectious disease; however, I work at [redacted]. It conducts research and development in addition to patient care. When this all began we were tasked with studying treatment protocols for patients diagnosed to find the best treatment protocol. We conducted two trials.

Me: Are you allowed to speak about those trials?

Anon1: no

Me: were you involved with the vaccine development?

Anon1: no

Me: What are your thoughts about this vaccine?

Anon1: I was uncomfortable receiving it, but we were required by my employer. The MD was actually checking people's status and calling to ask why you hadn't received it yet.

Me: Wait what? How do you know that? Isn't that a violation or something?

Anon1: Yes. I know because I was scheduled for vacation beginning the day my state received the first shipment. On day 2, I received a call asking me why I hadn't been vaccinated yet. I explained I was on vacation but was told to report to work immediately in order to receive my vaccination.

Me: Did you?

Anon1: Yes. And we were all photographed getting vaccinated. No one asked permission to take our photos.

Me: That is crazy! I'm sure that made you angry. Speaking of photos, what did you think of the Nancy Pelosi picture where people say she didn't get the cv19 vaccine?

Anon1: It appears she is getting a flu shot. Nothing about that looks like what we got - the size, the amount, nothing. After I received my vaccine, I helped administered the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to others.

Me: Are you a right wing conspiracy theorist?

Anon1: [laughing] Absolutely not. I am a Democrat.

Me: So orange man bad?

Anon1: I don't want to get fired, so can we drop politics?

Me: Did the vaccine have any nasty side effects? How do you feel with Bill Gates chip swimming around inside you?

Anon1: No. It's been 9 days now, and I feel fine. Are you seriously talking about microchips? Why would they need that when they just monitor your phone and stuff?

Me: So you are saying no chips? And no new body parts or body parts falling off?

Anon1: [laughing] No! But I will keep you updated!

Me: Do you have papers indicating you are vaccinated?

Anon1: No? Why would I? I have to get an additional vaccine in one month.

Me: So what will you use as proof of cv19 vaccination?

Anon1: I guess my picture getting it [laughs] you really think you're going to get branded?

Me: strong possibility. thanks so much for your time!


Now we have another anonymous source.

Me: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Anon2: I am Nurse anesthetist (CRNA) with a master of science in Nursing (MSN). I have been working as a CRNA for 2 years.

Me: How are you involved with Covid-19 patients?

Anon2: I have been working in the Covid-19 unit at [redacted] since the pandemic began.

Me: So you are seeing first hand what Covid-19 does to people?

Anon2: Unfortunately yes.

Me: Is it as bad as the news makes it?

Anon2: Yes and no. A lot of people get it and recover at home. But in the unit? It is heartbreaking. I am exhausted. My shifts are long and hard. These people are alone with only us in their time of need. I've had patients from pediatric to geriatric. Patients with no other health issues to those with comorbidity, but I know that we as a society can't sit home in fear.

Me: So you are a right wing nut job whose selfishness wants grandma to die?

Anon2: Don't start that shit with me. I believe we need to be as cautious as possible without everyone losing their income or their lives, but you know how I really feel about that as well. I am nowhere near the right.

Me: Yes. You really should be a Democratic socialist. AOC is your hero.

Anon2: Is this about Covid-19 or politics?

Me: You know I had too say it. Damn little commie wanna be. Anyways, did you get the Covid-19 vaccine yet?

Anon2: No

Me: No?! But you work in the unit with actual Covid-19 positive patients! Why would you not get it?

Anon2: Nobody in my unit has even been contacted about getting it yet. Nobody.

Me: But Anon1 got it 9 days ago. What's the hold up?

Anon2: Not sure. Anon1 and I work for the same [redacted]. You'd think they'd want the actual Frontline healthcare workers safe, but I guess it's more important to get photos of politicians and other people instead.

Me: You sound a little upset.

Anon2: Yes. I have been busting my ass since March working 3 on-1 off in 4 week rotations. I am fucking tired! I think those like me should be protected before politicians.

Me: Hmm? What about making a dancing TikTok to show the man? Or taking a selfie when you're shift is over to show us how awful it is for you?

Anon2: Look, humor gets us through this shit. Sometimes dark humor. Sometimes stupid shit like dancing. I get it. But never film it for public consumption. Same for selfies. You expose our industry to unhelpful criticism. I'm not asking for anyone to call me a hero or whatnot. I knew when I got into this field there'd be long hours and death. I just didn't expect a global pandemic or this response from our healthcare leaders. I feel like they've failed everyone. They've caused mistrust and unnecessary anger towards people like me.

Me: If you are offered the vaccine, will you take it?

Anon2: Without hesitation

Me: Even if you get the one with microchips or it causes new body parts? You'll be lucky if your dick doesn't fall off!

Anon2: Don't quote 90 Day Fiancée at me! You know I hate it! And yes, I'm still getting vaccinated when it's offered.

Me: Let me know if and when and what side effects you might endure. Thanks so much for your time and your work in the Covid-19 unit. Praying for all of you.

Anon2: Thanks. We need it.