US Economy Adds 1.4 Million Jobs in August, Employment Drops by 1.8%

HEY, some good news.

The U.S. economy added 1.4 million jobs in August and unemployment rate dropped from 10.2% to 8.4%, according to Department of Labor. This seems to indicate (disclaimer, I know basically ZERO about the economy) that the recovery is moving along somewhat quicker than what was anticipated - as the Federal Reserve predicted that unemployment would only fall to 9.3% by the END of 2020 - an we are only in August.

Here is some additional context from people much more informed on this stuff than I am:

But of course, there had to be some to explain to us why. . . ACTUALLY, adding 1.4 million Jobs was. . . ACTUALLY BAD NEWS!

Maybe that last part is actually some sobering news, but the rest feels like spin to try and contextualize why TRUMP is actually doing a bad job with his SECOND US economic recovery - neither of which were his fault.

Then this is this:

By now most of you have probably heard about this story from Jeffrey Goldberg at the Atlantic, which essentially says that President Trump avoided going to a WWI memorial in France, because he hates the troops. It goes on to suggest that he didn't know who were the good guys in WWI and said some horrible things about our fallen heroes. The story itself was based on anonymous sources only and the President, and several people who were with the President that day, have VEHEMENTLY denied he did or said any of those things.

I'm not going to go into the story itself any further. Maybe it is true, maybe it is fabricated, maybe it's partially true and exaggerated - we don't know and we can't really determine the credibility of the info, because WE DONT KNOW THE NAMES OF THE SOURCES! You can read it for yourself and make your own conclusions.

The only reason I brought this up, was to highlight the timing of it all. It sure feels like the Atlantic has had this story in the hopper for a while now and, as Flappr Contributor PartymanRandy points out, were waiting for a moment to deploy the bad news. This story just so happened to be published in the midst of Pelosi Hair Gate (the NUMBER ONE SHARED STORY ON FACEBOOK) and right before this promising jobs report was released.

Is it possible that a media outlet MIGHT coordinate with the Democrats to drop an unsourced hit piece on their opponent when the timing was right?

NAHHHHHH, couldn't be.

H/T PrisonMitch for the cover image.


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