"Uncle Tim" Trends on Twitter after Tim Scott Delivers GOP Response to Biden

Joe Biden delivered his sort of, but not really, "State of the Union" address last night before a joint session of Congress. It was fairly a boring, if not somewhat terrifying, speech about how Joe Biden wants to implement socialist-styled redistribution programs.

But hey, Biden made it through the entire speech without passing out or having his eye explode - so it was probably a net positive for him.

Lizard people?

Tim Scott, a Republican Senator from South Carolina, delivered the GOP's rebuttal to Biden's speech, which you can watch in its entirety here:

I thought Scott's speech was pretty good.

Senator Scott painted his vision of America in a way that I think will resonate with a lot of people - a country that remains brimming with potential and a place full of good people that the government should leave alone to the fullest extent possible. He attacked Biden on his frivolous spending and his failure to adhere to his campaign promise of being a "uniter" and slammed Democrats in Congress for crying about the "Jim Crow Filibuster" - when they themselves used it to block his police reform bill last summer.

The part of Scott's speech that seemed to draw particular ire from the Liberal Hivemind on Twitter were his comments on race - which can be more or less boiled down to yeah, racism still exists in America, but America is not a racist country and critical race theory is bad. You know, basically things Barack Obama probably said or would've agreed with back in 2008.

Scott's refusal to embrace the Left's view on race-relations (that everything is racism) infuriated smooth brains on Twitter, which led them to . . . say racist things about Tim Scott:

Wow, no wonder these people see racism everywhere. . . they're pretty racist!

In fact, they're so racist - they got the phrase "Uncle Tim" to trend on Twitter:

Well. . . that is very enlightening and very on brand for the side of the aisle who nominated this man for President:

There you have it, either adhere to the liberal orthodoxy or you're not authentic. Either adhere to the orthodoxy or it's okay to be racist towards you.

If these folks didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

Happy Thursday, God Bless America.