Two Weeks Later

So election night was about two weeks ago. It's been kind of a shitty two weeks for me, if I'm being honest.

No, nobody died. My family is healthy, I'm gainfully employed, my dogs are cute and my kids are even cuter. It still feels kind of shitty.

I know this comparison will sound silly to many of you, but, basically, it feels like my team lost the Super Bowl.

Still hurts. . .

For example, I am a Chicago Bears fan and the Chicago Bears made the Super Bowl in 2006. This was the first time in my life that I've seen my team play in the Super Bowl (because the franchise is trash, but that's a whole different story). I invested way too much into that magical Bears season and when Rex Grossman (lol) threw a game sealing interception late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLI, it tore my heart out. It tore the hearts out of everyone in Chicago.

I remember riding the redline "L" train the next morning and instead of the usual loud, annoying, chatter amongst other riders - it was eerily quiet, like a funeral. I typically watched Sports Center, listened to sports radio and read sports websites every day during those years, but for weeks after the Bears loss I couldn't stomach to see anything related to the team.

Sure there were reasons for optimism for future Bears seasons (all of them being wrong), Brian Urlacher is in his prime! Devin Hester is an unstoppable returner! Rex Grossman surely cannot be this bad next year! But there was nothing but bile in the pit of my stomach over that loss and it took a long time to get over coming so close, but ultimately losing.

That's what it's been like for me the past two weeks. Conversations with like-minded friends have been dour, the news unwatchable. Now I know for a lot of you (including President Trump himself) the election ISN'T over. I know a lot of suspect shit happened on election night and that we still haven't gotten explanations for much of the shadiness. I know that there are recounts, audits and lawsuits that are still pending in many of the swing states. I know there is talk of the "Kraken" waiting to be released. I know that I wish I shared in some of your optimism that the results of the election are going to be changed, but I can't because I just don't see any evidence that enough vote totals will be changed to make up the difference. I'm not telling anyone how they should interpret what they're seeing out there in terms of "evidence" or what they think is possible, I'm just sharing with you where I am at on this issue.

I hope to God I'm wrong, but I think, sadly, that President Trump lost.

Yes, I think President Trump lost an extremely close race with all odds positioned squarely against him, with the media positioned squarely against him, with Hollywood positioned squarely against him, with China positioned squarely against him, with some within the GOP positioned squarely against him, with a once in a century pandemic positioned squarely against him, with Big Tech positioned squarely against him.

And yet, the race was extremely close and he almost won.

These two Packer assholes probably voted for Biden.

Donald Trump is currently (as of the time of publishing this post) losing Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona by about 45K votes. Given the number of votes cast in this election, 45K votes is basically a rounding error. If he had won those three states, he would've tied Biden with 269 Electoral College Votes and been re-elected by the House Delegations.

In reality, a lesser candidate than Donald Trump in a different time period would have had no business making the race this close. The COVID-19 pandemic killed hundreds of thousands of Americans (and counting), destroyed our economy and the media blamed Donald Trump for every life lost and every job destroyed. Joe Biden ran the most pathetic, cowardly and non-transparent campaign in my lifetime and the media empowered him by refusing to ask him pointed questions and pretending like statements he DID make we're something other than what he said. The media also absolved or hand-waived away any legitimate questions regarding the CCP and the WHO on the origins of the virus and their role in the pandemic spreading globally. If there was ANY way the media could club Donald Trump for ANYTHING, the media was going to go out of their way to hammer him. Likewise, if there was ANY way to protect Joe Biden, explain away his failures, contextualize his past or ignore damagin stories, the media was going to go out of their way to shield 'Ol Joe.

For example:

Pretty weird how the media and Big Tech ignoring Hunter Biden's laptop story prevented it from going mainstream. How could we ever have imagined suppressing information would result in the majority of the public never learning about extremely troubling accusations against Joe Biden? Ugh, the fucking media. They're really just the absolute worst.

And yet, the race was extremely close and he almost won.

Maybe that is why this one hurts so bad for me. It was SO CLOSE and this was the first time in my lifetime that I had become THIS invested in one candidate winning. Not necessarily because I think Donald Trump is a hero-like figure sent from the heavens to slay pedophiles and journos and save America from eternal damnation (though, that would be a pretty badass story and I should consider writing it in the future). Rather, while I do think Donald Trump produced results and deserved a second term, I'm more devastated that the media got away with malpractice.

Ditka hates the media too.

The media's job is not and should never involve picking a side and trying to help one candidate win. That's the opposite of their job. Big Tech should never get involved with suppressing literal factual information (still waiting on Biden to say the contents of that Laptop weren't real) to help protect their preferred candidate. That's the opposite of their job. Joe Biden shouldn't get away with hiding in his basement, avoiding questions and refusing to answer others. That's the opposite of his job.

And yet, the race was extremely close and Biden barely won.

Assuming all the voter irregularities and speculation do not result in a change of outcome, the reason Biden won and Trump lost was, in my opinion, largely because the media and Big Tech worked overtime to cover for the Biden campaign. The media's game plan was to hyper focus all coverage on things Donald Trump said and allow Joe Biden to speak from teleprompters and only take pre-scripted questions and respond with pre-scripted answers. This worked perfectly with the Biden campaign's strategy of hide Joe Biden at all costs. I think both entities did just enough to convince just enough people that Orange Man worse than Sleepy Joe.

I'm sure I'd feel this deflated regardless of how the loss occurred, but this does feel especially sour given how little Biden had to do to win, given his built-in advantages. In this instance, Joe Biden is decidedly NOT Peyton Manning, in his prime, leading his team over a historically good Chicago Bears defense. No, in this election, Joe Biden is the make-a-wish kid who everyone conspires to allow score a touchdown:

For the record, I love when this happens in real life.

So where does that leave us? I mean, there are bright spots. The Dems lost a ton of seats in the House and Pelosi's life will be hell for the next two years as she tries to hang on to power. The Senate will likely remain under Republican control, assuming Georgia votes to send one of either David Perdue or Kelly Loeffler back to the Senate. The Republican bench is loaded with exciting new candidates. American voters largely rejected socialist driven platforms.

I can go on and on, but this still feels shitty. I'm certainly not ready to call it quits, but this still feels like a punch to the gut and I'm pretty sore from it all. Maybe that's ok for the time being - accepting that this whole thing stinks, acknowledging that the media, Big Tech and the CCP are the bad guys and finding resolve in the fact that we're still here and will live to fight another day.

For now, at least, that's where I am. Go Bears.