Trump Right Yet Again - Radical Leftists Destroy Statues of Washington & Jefferson

You may recall back in August of 2017 when President Trump gave his infamous press conference in which he did NOT call neo-nazis very fine people, he also challenged the Fake News media as to whether the country should begin taking down statues of and shunning the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The crux of Trump's argument was how long until the radical Leftists start going after other prominent slave holders in America's past - like the Father of our country and the author of the Declaration of Independence - in order to strip them of their status as titans within American history.

You are going to be shocked to discover that the President was mocked and ridiculed by Twitter libs, the press, and Democrats - but I repeat myself.

Well believe it Teddy boy because that day is upon us; more on that in just a second. President Trump's point was of course not trying to create a moral equivalence between the likes of Robert E Lee / Stonewall Jackson and George Washington / Thomas Jefferson. What Trump had the clarity to understand was that almost no figure in American history reaches an acceptable level of purity for the progressive social justice Left. President Trump understands the concept that you do not give these radicals an inch or they will take a mile. (Previously on Flappr, our friend Burnout wrote very eloquently on topic of why we find ourselves in a box where we must resist giving in on Confederate statues - even if we agree they shouldn't exist in the first place).

Within the past few days, actions by Radical Leftists from BLM and Antifa, rioting in cities across the country have escalated from destroying Confederate statues and statues of legendary explorer Christopher Columbus to in fact guessed it...Washington and Jefferson. But but but we were told that was impossible!

In Portland, a radical Lefist mob toppled a statue of George Washington, set it on fire with an American flag and tagged the monument with messages like "FUCK COPS", "WHITE FRAGILITY" and other BLM related language. George Washington is one of the greatest men to ever live, he gave up a chance at absolute power...TWICE (name a modern politician who would ever do such a thing, especially on the Left). He was a man of his time, no doubt about it, but he did also free his slaves. If we cannot, as a country, get behind George Washington then we have serious problems on our hands.

That brings us to Thomas Jefferson, who not only had a statue toppled in Portland (why is Portland such a shitshow anyways? Must be all the veganism), but has prominent members of the NYC Council calling for his statue's removal from City Hall due to his slave holding. Jefferson, the man who articulated the ideals of the American experiment better than any man in history ever could and whose articulation of these ideals would become the declaration of our independence from British rule is only to be remembered because he had slaves 250 years ago. Jefferson knew we still had work to do to live up to the ideals laid out in his declaration. The ideals that men like Frederick Douglass revered and fought to extend to all peoples, not to destroy. Jefferson was another "man of his time" but understood the grave moral calamity that was slavery. The holiest woman on Twitter, Jenny Psalms, reminds us of Jefferson's (among other Founder's) view on the issue.

What is important for everyone to remember is that this is not just about the Confederacy or slavery or racism in America's past. Those are just the excuse, the tool being used. The Radical Left in this country are fundamentally opposed to the ideals of the Founding. The foundations that make America...dare I say it...great. Their goal is to continue chipping away and destroying these fabrics that hold our union together until all that is left is a wasteland. Then they can usher in the damned utopia...not fucking likely, by the way. Unfortunately, it appears that crash course is now accelerating rapidly and violently.

In the end, the moral of this particular story is that President Trump was right...yet again. If you have been paying attention since that eccentric billionaire real estate mogul came down the escalator 5 years ago, pretty much everything he says eventually happens. And it makes total sense if you think about it. He just blurts out all the insane shit that is completely obvious to the rest of us but so few have the stones to say in the public arena. Seems pretty clear to me that the only way to get this ship back on course is to make Trump president for life and start listening to everything he says. Until we can make that dream a reality, I guess we can settle for mocking fedora wearing morons like Max Boot.

As always - the best is yet to come.