Trump Accepts Joe Rogan's Offer to Host Debate with Biden

2020 is already wild, so why not let Joe Rogan moderate a debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

Joe Rogan seems to already have a plan for how it would go down:

So the ground rules would be:

  • no audience

  • must be live

  • four hours

  • topics are basically wide open

Apparently, Donald Trump seems up for the idea:

No word yet from the Biden campaign, but given Joe's decision to allow Cardi B to interview him - I'm sure that he'd be open to let the most successful podcaster in history (and a self-avowed Bernie Sanders' supporter during the primaries) host this discussion, right? RIGHT?

I know this is kind of a goofball idea, but the Rogan debate would be the most informative debate in modern history. Rogan is kind of a meathead, but he has an amazing ability to relate to an audience, get guests to let their guard down and ask questions that most people are wondering. While he might not be the most traditional choice for a debate moderator - he'd assuredly be the most entertaining one and the one most likely to get to the bottom of where each candidate stands on the issues you care about most.

For the reasons set forth above, this will never happen. Joe Biden has ZERO interest in adding another debate, let a lone one from a wildcard such as Rogan. It would be political suicide for him to agree to that format and that is THE problem with Biden as a candidate, in my opinion. If you can't stand up and talk, let alone give a vigorous argument for why someone should vote for you and your ideas - you don't deserve power.

Oh well.

Chris Wallace from Fox News is set to moderate the first of three scheduled debates on September 29th. The next two debates, scheduled for October 15th and October 22nd are to be moderated by Steve Scully and Kristen Welker, respectively.