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Tremendously Intriguing Topical Subjects - 05.26.23

So much to read, so little time.

Good thing for you, we've curated our own weekly digest of links from around the internet entitled "Tremendously Intriguing Topical Subjects" to help keep you abreast of the most important things happening online. We will deliver T.I.T.S. (a coincidental acronym) to your inbox every Friday (if you subscribe, for free, to our blog)!


VERY Important Good Thing, Bad Thing News!

It took about 8 months, a pulled back, lots of scheduling and many, many, cases of Monster Energy, BUT The Chinese Revolution - Good Thing, Bad Thing? (Part Three) premiered on Saturday night!

Please join Professor Jimbo for his epic three part lecture on The Chinese Revolution in what might be his final documentary ever.

This episode covers everything from Mao's rise to power, his "Great Leap Forward", his Cultural Revolution, Xi Jinping's modern China, a cameo from Siraj Hashmi and much much more!

We really do believe this is our finest work to date. We love this video and we think you're going to love this video as well!

If you only watch one part . . . start at around the 1:05 mark, where Jimbo provides one of the finest explanations, celebrations and defenses of conservatism and the western tradition.

Please support our work, give us a like, subscribe, comment and tell a friend!


VERY Important Donna D'Errico MILF Thirst Economy News!

Last week, I claimed victory on behalf Donna D'Errico in her years long battle against haters, trolls and critics for posting photos of herself being hot on Instagram.

Last week, I said that there was no point in continuing this segment, that it was time to bid adieu to the DDMTE.

Just when I thought I was out. . . the haters, the trolls, the critics. . . they pulled me back in. . . .

Let's investigate. . .

It would appear that Donna reposted one of her classic MILF Thirst Traps on Instagram (which has been shared on this blog more than a few times) and, in response to the haters and losers, she included this caption:

Her mother died, she gained some weight, she lost some weight, she had some loose skin and she got that "buttoned up". She has no shame in admitting that.

Are you happy now trolls?!? These haters (who I could not locate) make me sick to my fucking stomach!

These animals will not leave this poor, ample bosomed, MILF alone. Well guess what, trolls? We will not leave this poor, ample bosomed, MILF alone either. Instead, we will stand by her side and continue to cover the DDMTE until we have eradicated the trolls from existence (or until I have more time to think of a new shtick)!

So how did the DDMTE perform this week?

Let's just say, we're back in business baby. After a lackluster showing in the early part of May (only 4 DDMTE blogs written last week), there were TEN blogs written about written about Donna D'Errico posting photos of herself being sexy on Instagram!

So, in addition to the blog written about Donna clapping back at the haters, what else did she do this week to kick start the DDMTE?

Well, it would appear that Donna D'Errico Is Hanging Out In Lingerie 'Because I Can And It's Fun'. Fascinating, let's investigate. . .

She is wearing lingerie and that does look fun. . . it appears to be an accurate headline!

On behalf of everyone at Flappr, I would like to publicly apologize to Donna DD'Errico (intentional misspelling for comedic purposes) for assuming our fight was finished. We should've known better.


The haters and the trolls have massive appetites and their thirst for MILF-shaming is never satiated for long. With that, I will return to my post, chronicling the adventures of this daring, dairy-endowed debutant from Dolton, Alabama.

As always, we will continue to monitor the DDMTE for further developments.


Very Important News

Daily Mail: Defiant mother who's been told to 'cover up' by trolls because her clothes are 'inappropriate' insists she'll dress how she wants (there they are again, the trolls - it's always the fucking TROLLS who are responsible for shaming brave MILFs)

Wow . . . true heroism.

The Sun: I was desperate for the perfect bum but my implants are such an epic fail (the PPP program and it's consequences (this is a very esoteric joke, for context search PPP and BBL on Twitter))

The Sun: I wear scrubs by day and a Hooters uniform by night, it's never boring when I work (I see no problem with a woman who is willing to work two admirable jobs)

Listen, I'm sure she's very good at her job(s)

The Sun: Sharon Stone, 65, shows off bare butt in tiny Dolce & Gabbana thong bikini (Sharon Stone is trying to draft off some of that Martha Stewart GILF energy)

I'll be honest - I only included this link for the sole reason that, when my grandmother came down with dementia, we hired a really nice old Polish lady, named Apollonia, to help look after her. She did not look like this. She had mole on her chin and there was hair coming out of it.

The Sun: Inside Playboy bunny Claudia Conway’s explosive relationship with mom Kellyanne (this family is so fucked up - seriously, mom and dad should've withdrawn from the spotlight a long time ago to focus on what it was doing to their kids)

Beautiful Woman Wearing Sundress, No Context Needed:

Daily Star: 'I was called dumb for trying to fill Tesla with petrol – but had last laugh' (pretty sure this video was 1000% staged, yet she's still suggesting otherwise)

(actual quote from this article "After the online pile-on, Danielle says people shouldn’t be so quick to judge – and credits her brains for getting her to where she is.")

Daily Star: 'I'm a hot single mum and love dating younger lads and their dads' (fascinating. . . let's investigate)

Yes, that does appear to be an accurate headline.

NY Post: Phoebe Waller-Bridge flashes bra at 'Indiana Jones' premiere with Harrison Ford (another unwanted sequel, with another unlikable female protagonist taking the spot away from the iconic male lead. . . the Disney-Lucas Films formula for failure!)

NY Post: Hilaria Baldwin is mocked for 'horny teenager' workout routine (I don't like this woman or her rootin-tootin, director shootin', husband. . . but she looks good here. )

Very MILFy.

I am pretty tired of this woman pretending that she's the victim of sexual abuse or something. She alleges she had consensual sex with Trump. She basically tried to blackmail him into buying her silence. He paid her and then she tried to still tell her story, which she has several times, for more profit.

Nobody should be bothering her or threatening her or her family, but she is no fucking hero; she is no fucking victim.

PLUS: Abby Shapiro did not post to Instagram this week. Very sad.


Very Important Meme of the Week

I mean. . . what else is there to say here, folks?

This meme has it all, topical subject matter, a hilarious internet reference, bobs and vagene. Tremendous props to incorporating Milk Truk / U-Haul Truck - it garnered a genuine belly laugh from me.

10/10 would cloth off.


Other Important News

Ron DeSantis: is running for president.

Many people are saying that Italian-American, Ron DeSantis, would be the first natural born POC to become president. I kid, but that birth certificate did look a little . . .sus. . .

Now, I'm not about to get waist deep into the Trump v. DeSantis retard fight taking over Twitter right now. Especially not 8 months away from the Iowa caucuses.

I have my preferences, will vote accordingly and will vote for the nominee when they face off against Joe Biden.

Keep your powder dry, it's going to be a very long and miserable primary.


Fox News: OpenAI CEO issues warning about how advanced AI could get in just 10 years (listen, , , you really need to form an opinion on AI sooner rather than later and act accordingly. This is going to eliminate so, so, so many jobs and people are already too late to the party.)

Fox News: Mexican president makes it clear where he stands on Ron DeSantis' candidacy (good thing nobody gives a fuck about what Mexico thinks. . .)

NY Post: What is 'Disease X'? COVID experts warn it could cause deadlier pandemic (Disease X sounds like a new trendy form of ecstasy or something)

The Washington Post: is the enemy of the people.

Here is the context - The Washington Post article linked above states, explicitly and erroneously, that this was a 5-4 decision. This was actually a UNANIMOUS DECISION, wherein all the justices ruled against the EPA, but 5 agreed with the majority reason and 4 agreed on separate grounds.

Why would The Washington Post do this? Because The Washington Post is actively, along with several other liberal media outlets, trying to shape public opinion towards the court. They want people to think the MAGA COURT(!!!) is out of control and needs to be expanded.

They are Marxist activists trying to destroy an institution and they deserve your scorn.

Daily Wire: Target’s Stock Market Value Takes $6 Billion Hit Since Backlash Over ‘Pride’ Collection (I am legitimately shocked that conservatives have finally discovered the power of protesting with their wallets. This is a welcomed sight.)

National Review: Why Are Republicans Winning the Debt-Ceiling Fight? Inflation (yeah, that and Kevin McCarthy successfully herded his cats to pass a bill. McCarthy's competence has been a pleasant surprise thus far. I will admit he has surpassed my expectations)

National Review: Escape From Florida, Lesbian Edition? (Dear, Rich Lowry, stop being a coward and record a video to Professor Jimbo. It's the least you can do after snubbing for oh so many years!)

The Washington Free Beacon: 'Playing Hide the Ball': Hunter Biden's Mistress Asks Court To Jail Him Over Failure To Provide Financial Disclosures (Lunden Roberts is a MILF and more heroic than most conservative lawmakers. I would vote for her for president.)

Fun story - I went to an outlet mall over the winter and, shockingly enough, it was filled with trans-flag North Face apparel! It's almost like this incredibly small group of mentally-ill people are totally overrepresented in media and our culture!

What's scary is that companies will literally set profits ablaze to virtue signal to the neo-Marxist regime. More needs to be researched on this . . . I assume this is all a part of ESG social engineering. We really need to figure out how to dismantle that shit.

Diogenes' Middle Finger: One Ton Karen Triggered - Unhinged Rant Down Range (very funny!!!)

Animal Magnetism: PLAYING HOOKY (enjoy your break!)

The Most Libtarded Thing You'll See This Week:

You just have to read this whole thread. It will both blow and numb your mind. Essentially, the Seattle Fire Department has included race essentialism on many of it's placement / promotion tests. Out with "knowing how to operate the pumps" and in with "How To Be An Antiracist"!

Listen, this shit is actually dangerous. We are going to start feeling the effects of this insanity. How many people must die so that liberal white people can feel good about themselves?

Go read Ari Hoffman's reporting on this, it's very, very, Libtarded.


Important News, BUT Sports

Brooks Koepka: is a hockey guy.

Brooks Koepka: won another PGA Championship.

Brooks Koepka: has a smoking wife, who is pregnant with his first child (a son!).

Moral of the story . . . it's good to be Brooks Koepka right now.

Barstool: LeBron Gets Swept, The Nuggets Head to the NBA Finals for the First Time Ever (HAHAHAHAHAHA, SO LONG, FUCKO! Now LeBron can go catch up on reading the first pages of books!)

Outkick: Michael Jordan’s New Car Goes Over 300mph (please be careful, MJ)

Literal . . . and also accurate headline.

Paige Spiranac: did a funny video.

Go subscribe. Support Paige, who seems to have a good sense of humor and enjoys fun.


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May 30, 2023

Please produce more Prof Jimbo content. The people demand Good Thing, Bad Thing? videos on The Enlightenment, The American Revolution, The Spanish Civil War, etc.


May 27, 2023

Great stuff. Now time to look at milk wagons


May 26, 2023

Fantastic content. Well done!


May 26, 2023

The people live.


Tim DElia
Tim DElia
May 26, 2023

Donna looks great coming and going but there is something about Mikayla... Cant put my finger on it but I will keep researching and get back to you.

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