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Tremendously Intriguing Topical Subjects - 01.27.23

So much to read, so little time.

Good thing for you, we've curated our own weekly digest of links from around the internet entitled "Tremendously Intriguing Topical Subjects" to help keep you abreast of the most important things happening online.

We will deliver it to your inbox every Friday (if you subscribe, for free, to our blog)!

VERY Important Donna D'Errico MILF Thirst Economy News

As I discussed in last week's edition of Tremendously Intriguing Topical Subjects, the Donna D'Errico MILF Thirst Economy remained VERY strong this week. Apparently, Donna sizzled in a string bikini as she shot content in a down pour.

Let's investigate, to be sure:

Yep. . . that's pretty accurate.

Donna continues to be a Mammothly Milkered Marketing Machine, with that one Instagram video generating, by my count, the following SIX headlines:

Ms. DD'Errico (misspelling intentional for comedic effect) continues to be a grand ambassador for MILFs and MILF causes far and wide.

Flappr will continue to monitor the Donna D'Errico MILF Thirst Economy for further developments

More Very Important News


Abby Shapiro OWNS childless girl bosses:

Important News

The Other McCain: In The Mailbox: 01.25.23

Important News, BUT Sports


Something, something. . . here's Grace Charis demonstrating a perfect tee-tee shot:


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