• Nero

Top American Governor Shit on by Press

Florida Governor Ron Desantis despite successfully navigating the third most populated and very diverse state through the Covid-19 crisis to the point of already being mostly back open still facing ridiculous criticism from the press. Actually it's likely because of his success that he faces such criticism.

Last night a story broke in which a woman who claimed she was Florida's top "Data Scientist" said she was fired for failing to alter data in favor of reopening. Now this woman Rebekah Jones was not the state's top "Data Scientist", her degrees are in Geography and Journalism, she wasn't fired for failure to alter data she was fired for not listening to the actual scientists and doing what she wanted anyway. It also came out that she is about to stand trial for cyber stalking and posting revenge porn in Leon County soon in fact there is someone by her name in currently in the Leon County jail at the time of publication.

Being a Florida resident this attack on our governor while guy's like Governor Grandma Killer Andy C get praised for being failures enrages me. So much so that I couldn't really focus to get all the horrendous press coverage all pulled together. Thankfully Watchdog did all the work for me

It is this kind of total and complete bullshit that has made so I know longer say "fake news" as joke or "Enemy of People" unironically. The journos could have easily confirmed her position. They could have checked to see if anyone else said she fired for not altering data. They could have run a simple background check to determine if she was a reliable source. They did none of this. In an effort to smear a governor for what I can only guess is the hope of political gain in the upcoming election they sold their ethics, if they had any left, out. Even worse than the journos though are those who take what they say without question while bitching about the President's supporters doing the same.

If after this you still think the media telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth well I don't know what to tell ya