Told You So: Andrew Cuomo Edition

So it appears that the pressure on Andrew Cuomo to resign has reached mission critical. Several prominent members in NY State Government and those that represent NY at the federal level have called on him to step down.

Is it because of his disastrous and inexplicable March 25, 2020 order that required nursing homes to admit COVID-19 positive patients? Well, no - but he should've been forced to resign or be impeached for that.

Is it related to how just a couple of weeks back, Cuomo's own Attorney General published a report detailing how his administration misreported nursing home death counts and that the real COVID-related nursing home death count may be 50% higher than what the Cuomo administration reporting? Not really, no - but he should've been forced to resign or be impeached for that too.

Is it because he appears to have double nipple rings?

This mofo wrote a book and won an emmy.

Wrong again, and we will not kink shame him - Flappr is a sex positive website, though the imagery does make one consider gouging his/her eyes out.

No, they're calling for Cuomo's head because he has been accused of sexually harassing an ever growing number of women. Yes, as it turns out all along, Andrew Cuomo is - allegedly - a big filth bag when it comes to women. with seven women coming forward to allege that Cuomo said creepy stuff to them or, according to his most recent accuser, that he reached under her blouse and groped her.

Cuomo has denied all of the allegations of misconduct, offered apologies to anyone he made feel uncomfortable and has refused to resign - asking that due process be allowed to take its course. It's great that Andrew Cuomo now thinks due process is a GOOD THING (we agree!) and we look forward to seeing the results of his polygraph:

Oh wait, he hasn't responded to questions on whether or not he will take a polygraph? Weird.

Whether or not you think Cuomo should resign before having a chance to try to clear his name, one thing is clear: HE WAS NEVER THE GOLDEN GOD THAT THE MEDIA MADE HIM OUT TO BE!

This drives all conservatives crazy. We look at what the media says, we question the narrative. We find facts that DISPROVE the narrative and the corporate media ignores the truth entirely. Sure, you'll have websites like the Daily Caller and The Washington Free Beacon, or twitter personalities like Stephen L. Miller, call attention to these stories, but without the "stamp of approval" from a corporate media outlet - these stories remain in the "right-wing media" bubble and are easily dismissed as "attacks" or just flat out "conspiracy". The media wields so much power in the stories they tell and, perhaps, even more power in the facts they refuse to share.

So instead of actually, you know, informing the public, you get this:

Good heavens. I mean, does it get any worse than that? Oh, wait it DOES gets worse?

There is no excuse for allowing these two dickwads to go on television every night and blow each other before a national audience. No, it doesn't matter that it "made people feel good". CNN is, allegedly, a news organization and journalistic principles mandate impartiality. Clearly, Fredo can't be impartial when it comes to his brother, Other Fredo.

So if Cuomo was going to go on CNN, he should've been interviewed by anyone other than Cuomo and should've been asked difficult questions. In absence of that, he shouldn't have been on that channel at all.

But pesky things like ethics didn't matter to the corporate media during the past year (or several before then), because people were home, ratings are king and a bad orange man sat in the White House and he had to go. So instead of actual reporting and questioning of his decisions, we were told how this guy was a hero and the paternal figure America needed in its time of crisis.

Meanwhile this always remained true:

No, Cuomo didn't flatten the curve. No, he didn't have some magic formula that proved a better response than other states. NY suffered and greatly, more so than almost any other state. An argument can even be made in Cuomo's defense (except for the nursing home order, which is indefensible) that he had the hardest job in America at the time - huge state, enormous metro area, first hot zone in America, didn't have the opportunity to watch others first. There is no escaping; however, the data that suggests he was not GREAT or BETTER than others at handling the pandemic.


So now, almost a year later, with Trump gone and news coming out about the Cuomo Admin fudging nursing home data, the marriage of convenience between Cuomo and the media has come to an end.

MAGICALLY, the New York Times, WaPo, MSNBC and others started reporting on stories that we've known about for months. They are now very serious about investigating the nursing home scandal, the deaths, the women. And Fredo? He can no longer comment about what is going on with his brother. . . because that would be a conflict of interest:

The media would like to pretend like their coverage of Cuomo never happened or that they had NO IDEA that Cuomo wasn't the savior they claimed he was, in spite of all the data. They hope you believe that all this information about the COVID coverups is completely new to them.

I don't believe that and neither should you.

Hold them accountable. Show your friends clips like the one in this post. Plant the seed of doubt in their brains and hope it grows into concern over the media consume. The only way this changes, the only way that conservatives have a chance again in media, is to convince enough people in the middle that they're being played. It's a tough task, but what other choice do we have?

Onward. Happy Friday, God Bless America.